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21 April 2012 | 11:50 am
Will it be Rui En-Elvin or Chris-Jesseca for Favourite On-Screen couple award?

In the first of our three-part Star Award winners’ prediction, we give you an insight on who we think will bring home the trophies at the upcoming Star Awards 2012 Show 1

Text: xinmsn team

After close to seven weeks of fervent voting from fans, we are finally reaching the final leg of the upcoming Star Awards 2012 online polls for categories such as Favourite Female and Male Character, Favourite On-Screen Couple award, Favourite Variety Host, and the Systema Charming Smile award.

Before the winners are unveiled at the Star Awards 2012 Show 1 this Sunday, the golden question remains: will the hot favourite pairing of RuiVin (Rui En and Elvin) from Code of Honour take the top spot or will Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu’s chemistry in medical drama, The Oath, win them the honours?

Following our last update on the online polls, we saw Rui En shooting back to the top spot after Jesseca broke her leading streak in the Favourite Female Character two weeks ago. Will Jesseca eventually bring home the coveted trophy or will it fall back into the arms of Rui En, who has topped the category for six weeks?

Sticking by traditions, in the first of a three-part series, we take time off to study the odds and make our guesses for the Favourite Male and Female Characters, Favourite On-screen Couple (Drama), and the Favourite Variety Host award.

Who will eventually win the online awards? With one day left before the polls close tomorrow, it’s best to make the most out of your precious vote and make the last one count – you have till 8.30pm tomorrow.

Favourite Female Character
The stars say…
It’s gotta be leading lady Rui En, who has enjoyed an undisputed lead in the online polls for six straight weeks, apart from a slight scare which saw Jesseca overtaking her two weeks ago.

Rui En’s wide-range of acting capabilities can be seen from her choice of drama series in recent years such as her tough cop turn in Unriddle 1 & 2, playing a bereaved widow in With You, and for her nominated role in A Tale of 2 Cities as girly spoilt brat, Zhang Yale.

Apart from having the acting chops and range, Rui En has RBKD (her official fanclub), a large and well-organized fanbase behind her back. Her fans got back to voting religiously and fervently, and successfully reclaimed her top spot last week, after she lost the lead two weeks back. Their dedication speaks volumes, and for us, it simply means an undisputed win for Rui En.

Rui En in A Tale of 2 Cities and Jesseca Liu in The Oath

The dark horse…
Jesseca Liu — need we explain more? The latter has been running neck-to-neck with Rui En for the top spot since voting commenced on Mar 1, which speaks of her wide appeal and fan base. Not only that, she has managed to – surprise, surprise! — usurp the top spot from Rui En two weeks ago in our last online polls update.

She may no longer be a contracted artiste with MediaCorp but this lithe actress’ market demand and popularity remains. After playing a highly principled western doctor Yang Minfei in The Oath last year, she will be starring opposite Taiwanese heartthrob Kingone Wang in the upcoming Ch8 drama series, Yours Fatefully.

Favourite On-Screen Couple

The stars say…
We’re all for Code of Honour’s Song Yazai (Elvin) and Ou Kelu (Rui En). The pair won honours in this category back in 2010 for their collaboration in The Dream Catchers. The duo’s much-talked-about chemistry has won them fans and a term was even coined to describe their coupling – RuiVin.

The undisputed leaders who have consistently remained in the first spot for the Favourite On-Screen Couple award after seven weeks of voting are the strongest contenders in the category. Their solid lead is further reaffirmed with the help of Unriddle 2, which features RuiVin and coincidentally coincided with the voting period, giving viewers a peek at their chemistry when sparks flew between their onscreen characters.

The dark horse…
Going by the polls, the second hot favourite pair of Jesseca and Chris is set to be the next-strongest competitor against RuiVin.

We wonder why Jesseca and Chris have yet to be christened with a nickname of their own such as ChrisSeca or JessTopher. The duo’s on-screen compatibility can be seen from their first collaboration in ChU’s Secrets For Sale and they were brought back together again in last year’s The Oath, delighting viewers and fans.

Playing a western doctor and a Chinese physician at odds with one another in The Oath, Jesseca and Chris’ onscreen bantering and compatibility has won over a league of loyal fans, opening a slim possibility for this coupling to topple RuiVin’s reign in the polls for Favourite On-Screen Couple.

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Source: Xinmsn

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