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30 November 2018 | 12:27 pm

By Tammi Tan

RBKD: Zhang Zhenhuan is relocating to his home country, China, since his contract with Mediacorp has ended. Toggle mentioned that his acting debut was in “The Dream-Catchers” which starred Rui En, Shaun Chen etc.

Source: Toggle

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02 October 2017 | 12:45 am

RBKD: We have created a page ( which serves as a compilation of Rui En’s works on Netflix.

It’s easy to watch Rui En’s dramas on Netflix, simply click on the posters or links below!

For new users to Netflix, you can sign up for one month’s free access by clicking on the links.

Hope you enjoy Rui En’s dramas on Netflix!

(PS: New updates will be posted on the page instead)

Click here to watch Rui En’s dramas on Netflix.


2013 | PG | 1 Season

A car accident sends four lawyers spiraling in different directions as they scramble to rebuild their shattered lives.

Starring: Rui En, Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim

Genres: TV Programmes,Singaporean TV Shows,Romantic TV Programmes,TV Dramas

No. of Episodes: 20

Uploaded on: 1 October 2017

Watch: Rui En in “Sudden” on Netflix

The Dream-catchers

The Dream Catchers
2009 | PG13 | 1 Season

Four engineers from different walks of life cross paths in pursuit of the same selfless dream: making the world a better place — and finding love.

Starring: Rui En, Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu

Genres: TV Programmes,Singaporean TV Shows,Romantic TV Programmes,TV Dramas

No. of Episodes: 20

Uploaded on: 1 October 2017

Watch: Rui En in “The Dream-catchers” on Netflix

The In-Laws

The In-Laws
2011 | PG | 1 Season

She swore not to meddle in her kids’ lives like her mother-in-law meddled in hers. But when her sons get married, that vow proves not so easy to keep.

Starring: Louise Lee, Rui En, Pierre Png

Genres: TV Programmes,Singaporean TV Shows,TV Dramas

No. of Episodes: 20

Uploaded on: 1 August 2017

Watch: Rui En in “The In-Laws” on Netflix


2012 | PG | 2 Seasons

When a hard-nosed detective reluctantly partners with an informant to solve complex cases, she uncovers links to a particularly puzzling cold case.

Starring: Rui En, Chen Liping, Tay Ping Hui

Genres: TV Programmes,Singaporean TV Shows,Crime TV Programmes,TV Dramas,Crime TV Dramas,TV Thrillers

No. of Episodes: 20 (S1), 20 (S2)

Uploaded on: 1 July 2017

Watch: Rui En in “Unriddle” on Netflix

Against the Tide

Against the Tide
2014 | PG | 1 Season

A detective and a psychologist investigating a string of murders form a crime-solving team with the novelist whose work inspired the killings.

Starring: Christopher Lee, Rui En, Desmond Tan

Genres: TV Programmes, Singaporean TV Shows, Crime TV Programmes, TV Dramas, Crime TV Dramas

No. of Episodes: 23

Uploaded on: 1 July 2017

Watch: Rui En in “Against The Tide” on Netflix

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23 March 2017 | 01:38 pm

曾琬瑜 报道

RBKD: 文中提到,黄俊雄的第二部戏《爱情零度C》就首任男一,并在剧中与瑞恩搭配。


Source: Toggle

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23 March 2017 | 01:28 pm

By Tammi Tan

RBKD: Only mentioned in slide 4 that Elvin Ng’s first onscreen collaboration with Rui En was “Love at 0°C”.

And in slide 7, Elvin mentioned after his first topless advertisement, he was asked to do several topless scenes, including the one in “The Dream Catchers” where he filmed in Japan with Rui En.

Source: Toggle

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10 January 2016 | 10:15 am

1. 封面故事 Cover Story Pages 28-32


2. TV Synopsis Page 89

The Dream Makers 2

 photo 1.jpg photo 5.jpg

 photo 30 - Copy.jpg photo 31.jpg

 photo 32.jpg photo 33.jpg

 photo 34.jpg photo 35.jpg

The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 is now airing on Channel 8, weeknights at 9pm.

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14 September 2015 | 09:48 pm

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16 March 2015 | 08:03 am

By Yip Wai Yee

“The first time we worked together, the director said we had zero chemistry. But strangely, audiences loved seeing us together. Maybe it’s because they see us as opposites – like I’m the sunshine boy melting the ice queen.”

Elvin Ng on his popular pairing with Rui En in dramas such as The Dream Catchers (2009), which the fan bases of both stars have coined the couple term Ruivin.

Source: The Straits Times

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19 April 2013 | 12:56 pm

Text: xinmsn team

As this year’s Star Awards looms near, we are one step closer to unravelling the artiste who ultimately won the hearts of online voters across the island for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple, and Favourite Host. The results will be released during Show 1 on April 21.

In the running for Favourite Onscreen Couple for the second year in a row are Elvin Ng and Rui En (fondly known as ‘Ruivin’). The twosome, whose pairing in Code of Honour garnered them the award last year, charmed audiences again with their on-screen chemistry in Unriddle 2.

While Rui En may be faring well in that area, things aren’t looking as peachy in the Favourite Female Character category. After four weeks of leading the polls, she was knocked down to second place by newcomer Kimberly Chia, who continued to reign in the rankings for the next three weeks. Can her dedicated fans, RBKD, get her back into the top spot and help her score her third consecutive accolade, or will Kimberly take home her first trophy?

As with usual practice, we put on our thinking hats to analyse each category, and place our bets for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple and Favourite Host.

Who will emerge victorious? Well, it’s entirely up to you.

Powered by xinmsn, the winners of these online awards are determined entirely by the public’s online votes.

Voting is free-of-charge and is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore residents, with a valid NRIC number. Each voter is entitled to one vote per day, for each award category.

Favourite Female Character

We say: Rui En

The ever-popular Rui En has always been a strong contender in this category, and with good reason. Her versatility has enabled her to pull off all kinds of roles, from a spoilt brat in A Tale of 2 Cities, to a headstrong journalist in Poetic Justice, the role which garnered a nod for her in this category. Her strong, supportive fan base and impressive track record also make this prediction a no-brainer for us.

Dark horse: Kimberly Chia

If there’s one nominee who can break Rui En’s winning streak, it’s Kimberly Chia, who no doubt moved viewers with her portrayal of ill-stricken Deng Yilin in Don’t Stop Believin’. The young, doe-eyed actress took over her senior’s position in the fifth week of voting, and kept her ranking for three weeks straight. Could this be the beginning of the reign of a new TV screen queen?

Favourite Onscreen Couple

We say: Rui En & Elvin Ng

Could certified hot favourite RuiVin bag a third trophy together? We believe so. The in-demand duo have been owning the rankings since week one with their rollercoaster relationship in Unriddle 2, and they’ve already proved their popularity by winning the same title twice – once at last year’s show for Code of Honour, and another in 2010 for The Dream Catchers. The odds are definitely in their favour.

Dark horse: Rui En & Alien Huang

Latching on just as firmly to the number two spot for seven weeks is another Rui En pairing – this time, with Taiwanese star Alien Huang. The twosome, who play lovers in Joys of Life, and are the only real rivals of Ruivin – a pretty impressive feat, considering this is their first on-screen pairing.



1. Star Awards 2013 – Online

a. Favourite Female Character

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

b. Favourite On-screen Couple

i. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Favourite Female/Couple) ends on 21 April 2013.

2. Star Awards 2013 – Top 10

a. Vote for Rui En in “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes” here:

i. Dial 1900-112-2032 to vote. (86c per call)

ii. Vote for Rui En for free daily at

Voting for Star Awards (Top 10) ends on 28 April 2013.

Source: Xinmsn

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19 August 2012 | 09:08 am

1. Scene & Heard Page 21

Story: Tan Yi Hui

Ratings JOY

The recently-concluded Joys of Life is, for now, this year’s highest-rated show with 993,000 viewers tuning in to the final ep.

Somewhere out there, ice queen Rui En could be beaming. The star of Joys of Life was unreachable for comment at press time, but co-star Zheng Geping, who plays Rui En’s father, was more than happy to rave about the stellar performance: “To be honest, some of us were confident it’d do well.” The nostalgic serial’s first episode in June attracted 971,000 viewers, putting it ahead of popular police thriller Unriddle 2 (921,000 viewers) and family drama Double Bonus (862,000 viewers). Joys still lag behind 2008’s The Little Nyonya, whose last ep attracted 1.67 million viewers, compared to Joys’ 993,000. Still, with an average viewership of 875,000, the 35-ep show is currently No.1 drama this year.

2. Cover Story Pages 32-45

Young Caldecott and the Restless City

Story by Jonathan Fam

Direct from Macau!

Besides battling heat exhaustion, we have to engage a shy shirtless hunk and witness how Rui En and Dai Yangtian fell in love. The latter not literally, of course – it would take a miracle on the Macau’s famous San Ma Lo Street for that to happen.

In Poetic Justice, DYT and Rui En play intrepid reporters who work for an online news agency. Poetic Justice isn’t your usual Ch 8 fare. We say that not ‘cos it’s the first drama since 2009’s Dreamcatchers to be partially filmed in an overseas location that’s not Malaysia, but because it’s the first time the world of journalism is used as a backdrop.

Put another way, Poetic Justice is a Cliff Notes version of Aaron Sorkin’s edgy The Newsroom cross-referenced with the marshmallow passion of Up Close and Personal and the gusto of Erin Brokovich. But ask the fiercely private Rui En if her feelings towards journos have changed since playing a, in her own words, “responsible reporter”, she chuckles, covers her mouth, and chuckles again. Um, we’ll take that as a yes.

Rui En is smiling. She seems genuinely happy.

She even initiates conversations, which is truly surprising. It’s not just because Rui En is notoriously reticent, but ‘cos her schedule here is so packed, she barely has time to catch her breath, let alone make small talk with pesky reporters.

“So how’s your holiday?” she deadpans when she catches us idling. “Do you need an umbrella? You don’t look like you want to be tanned,” she muses when she sees us melting under the scorching midday sun. “You eat carbs? You don’t look like you eat carbs,” she mock-interrogates us during dinner. Er, is the 31-year-old actres confusing us with Fann Wong? (Fact: this writer is the only one eating rice at the dinner table with the four leads. None of them touch carbs.)

Random Rui En facts: The first thing she does when she gets back to the hotel room is to turn on her TV. She finds the noise reassuring. She’s also a “closet NatGeo fan”, though she’d most likely be watching a Korean drama because “it’s important to know what’s popular now”. If she’s hungry, she snacks on potato chips.

These are just about the only things we managed to learn about Rui En during the week-long shoot. It’s near impossible to sit Rui En down for a private tête-à-tête. She is that busy. The 31-year old has been filming back-to-back dramas for three years now. The longest break she’s had were three weeks after Joys of Life wrapped and before lensing Poetic Justice began. Three precious weeks she spent “doing [her] own thing”. Has she thought about taking and extended break? “Of course,” she replies without missing a beat. “But I just decided not to.” So she intends to work until her body can no longer handle the stress? This time, there’s a pause. “Yeah, pretty much…” she says, her voice trailing off as she ponders the question. “Rui En, we need you!” a crew member suddenly calls out to her. And just like that, she snaps back to her reality and disappears.

Interlude: Rui En and DYT are more alike than you think.

Dai Yangtian: “Both of us don’t really like talking, but we communicate well with each other.”

Rui En: “Yes. I also prefer to stay in my room when I’m not filming. I like to keep work and my personal time very seperate.”

Dai Yangtian: “Same here. We don’t usually have meals with the rest of the crew.”

Rui En: “That’s just how it is.”

Dai Yangtian: “Both of us also have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms. That’s why I need to drink red wine before bed.”

Rui En: “I have difficulty sleeping on hotel beds.”

Behind the Scenes

My Fair Ladies: Fact: Actresses are deathly afraid of the sun. A totally-beat Rui En uses her umbrella as a tent in between takes.

Walk with me: DYT and Rui En take a casual stroll near the sacred ruins of St Paul’s Church.

Cold? Who’s cold? Rui En and DYT shares a light-hearted moment during a late night shoot.

Fight club: Rui En looks on helplessly while Desmond Tan and DYT fight in a scene.

Vote for Yanzhi as your Favourite Female Character now!

Poetic Justice 微笑正义 debuts 11 September 2012 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Xinmsn

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