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29 January 2011 | 12:00 am

Our Dearest Idol,

Happy Birthday, sorry we didn’t celebrate your birthday with you for the first time in 3 years, it’s deliberate

Our first gift to you this year is our understanding, to give you the time and space for your much deprived rest, so no-no to a Birthday Gathering. You have worked hard over the past year and have done us really proud with your excellent performances, same thing this year ya?

Second gift would be our RBKD Charity Drive 2011. You know you mean much more to us than just handmade cards and gifts, so although we are quite “crafty”, we thought we should do something different this year, something as meaningful as you are in our lives. We know you understand, so we shall spare you the words

Lastly, it’s something we have and will always have for you, sincere and heartfelt well wishes from the bottom of our hearts, for health, for happiness, for safety, for joy and for everything else. And of course, you know we will always be here with you

Happy Birthday!


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27 January 2011 | 12:26 am

Singapore, 27 January 2011 — The highly anticipated Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA) is back. This year’s SEA 2011 celebration concert will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the first time. Tickets for the concert, which will be held on 2 April 2011, will go on sale starting 7 February.

Winners of the SEA 2011 will be announced in end March. The qualifying period for nomination is from 1 December 2009 to 31 December 2010. This year’s SEA 2011 Celebration Concert will also be telecast “live” on one of Starhub Cable TV’s channel E-City after the event at a later date.

Voting Information

Nominees are divided into the “Most Popular” category, which is based on public voting and the “Best” category, which is decided by a panel of judges comprising SPH journalists, together with local and foreign media industry experts.

From 7 Feb to 21 March 2011, public voting for the 18 “Most Popular” categories can be done through SMS 77877 or online at The public can also vote at the publicity roadshows in February.

Nomination List:

J. e 乐人气本地电视演员 Most Popular Local TV Actor
10. 瑞恩 Rui En

Source: SPH

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26 January 2011 | 07:02 pm

“Highly entertaining…every artiste was born to play the role he or she was given in ‘A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城!’”

“Never knew Rui En 瑞恩 could succeed in playing a role that is not too ‘act cute’ or ‘irritating’…somebody please give this gal a Best Actress award!”

“You will be convinced it was not by luck Joanne Peh 白薇秀 won Best Actress – wait till you see her magical transformation into a materialistic gal…especially all those hilarious scenes with Zhang Yao Dong 张耀栋 who played her cheeko Ah-Beng partner-in-crime…”

I have already watched all 10 episodes of the new drama ‘A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城’ debuting on 14 Feb…and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rui En superbly created a role that is hard not to like. Joanne Peh is so unpretentiously great in it and I especially enjoyed every scene she appeared together with the hum-sup Zhang Yao Dong. Talented newbie Kate Pang 庞蕾馨 did not disappoint and delivered beyond our expectations. Julie Tan 陈欣淇 is Singapore’s answer to Yun Eunhea 尹恩惠 of Korean’s 咖啡王子1号店 fame.

I am already asking for episode 11…(I usually stopped previewing after watching less than 10 episodes of any new drama). ‘A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城’ is highly recommended. Guaranteed.

Source: BaguaTV

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24 January 2011 | 10:21 pm

Peek-A-Boo! Pages 56 & 58

Feb: A Tale of 2 Cities

Not an adaption of Charles Dickens’ lit classic (though that would’ve be interesting too), but a drama about four girls in KL and Singapore (Joanne Peh, Rui En, Zhu Mimi and newcomer Kate Pang) searching for the meaning of happiness, which may or may not involve shopping.

Ch 8 Feb 14, 9pm.

April: The In-Laws

Rui En and Cynthia Koh are sisters-in-law at war with each other and with their mum-in-law (Hong Kong’s Li Siqi). Pierre Png and Darren Lim are the men caught in the crossfire.

Ch 8 Apr 11, 9pm.

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21 January 2011 | 08:54 am

我报 MyPaper B15

瑞恩(前排左三)不久前和粉丝一起参与The New Paper的慈善活动,到一家乐龄中心探访独居老人。(图/Hype Records提供)

瑞恩今年的生日,粉丝不为她办party,而是以她的名义行善,为独居老人送上食物。(图/RBKD 提供)











瑞恩当义工 以身作则






她不久前也参与了The New Paper的慈善活动,到一家乐龄中心陪独居老人唱歌、跳舞、玩游戏。

Source: MyPaper,

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19 January 2011 | 12:10 pm

For fans of Rui En and Joanen Peh, we have created the publicity ad and poster of the February drama ‘A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城’ featuring the two of them in their contrasting roles:

Press Conference will be held after Chinese New Year and all publicity spots rolling out like tsunami early next week…

Source: BaguaTV

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18 January 2011 | 09:42 pm

Zhang Ya Le was born into a wealthy family. When her parents pass away, she inherits their wealth. Ya Le leads a carefree and indulgent life. She is nonchalant about the running of the family bridal business and the investments she holds, and leaves these to her employees. Reality bites one day and Ya Le realizes that the bridal business is in the red, the investments have largely reaped no returns and the banks are hounding for repayment of the loans. When she tries to seek help from her friends, she is hurt to find out that they were only interested in her friendship because of her wealth and the lifestyle she could afford to share with them. Now that Ya Le is down and out, her “friends” have all deserted her.


A Tale Of 2 Cities 乐在双城 premieres 14 February 2011, Weekdays at 9pm, on Channel 8.

For more information, click to access the drama page: Chinese | English

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17 January 2011 | 05:58 pm












Source: Shinmin, ChinaPress

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16 January 2011 | 10:05 pm

1. Newsstand Page 16







2. TV MSN Page 110





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