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A Tale Of 2 Cities


Rui En, Pierre Png, Joanne Peh, Mimi Choo, Zhang Yao Dong, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Yao Wen Long, Julie Tan, He Gui Lin, Huang Wen Yong, Xiang Yun, Constance Song, Koh Yah Hwee, Darren Lim, Jerry Yeo

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Zhang Ya Le was born into a wealthy family. When her parents pass away, she inherits their wealth. Ya Le leads a carefree and indulgent life. She is nonchalant about the running of the family bridal business and the investments she holds, and leaves these to her employees. Reality bites one day and Ya Le realizes that the bridal business is in the red, the investments have largely reaped no returns and the banks are hounding for repayment of the loans. When she tries to seek help from her friends, she is hurt to find out that they were only interested in her friendship because of her wealth and the lifestyle she could afford to share with them. Now that Ya Le is down and out, her “friends” have all deserted her.

Just when Ya Le is at her wit’s end, she finds out that her late mother had invested in a bridal business “Blissful Moments” with her aunt, Jinfeng, who is running the business. Ya Le tries to sell her late mother’s shares in “Blissful Moments” to Jinfeng to riase cash to repay the banks. However, Jinfeng has other plans. She refuses to buy over Ya Le’s share in the business and insists that Ya Le works in “Blissful Moments” with her. Due to her circumstances, Ya Le has no choice but to agree. The personality differences between Jinfeng and Ya Le lead to much friction between them.

Jinfeng’s adopted son, Lin Wentao, is the in-house photographer for “Blissful Moments”. He is also a taekwondo instructor at Jinfeng’s taekwondo academy. Wentao is a warm and compassionate person. He often tries to draw Ya Le out of her shell and get her interested in photography and taekwondo, hoping to help her become more resilient and build her perseverance. Unfortunately, Ya Le finds photography boring and taekwondo unrefined. She even thinks that Wentao has a boring personality and uninteresting hobbies. However, over time, Ya Le finds herself gradually being drawn to Wentao.

Four women who have the character for “happiness” in their names go through many ups and downs in their respective lives. Thankfully, all ends well for them as they each meet the man of their dreams and move towards a bright future. They learn that power and richness do not bring happiness. Instead, happiness lies in simple living, in knowing what one wants in life and undauntingly daring to pursue it.

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Channel 8

A Tale Of 2 Cities

(Year 2011)

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Last modified on 18 January 2011