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27 April 2010 | 03:25 pm

The filming of Unriddle started not long ago.
Let’s hear what the cast has to say about their roles…


Source: 8gg

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27 April 2010 | 02:02 pm

Still can’t get enough of Star Awards 2010’s glamour and glitz? In the first part of our lookbook, we round up our pick of 10 starlets from the bevy of beauties who flaunted their stuff best at the award show.




Rui En 瑞恩

B42B475D082DB7FB2707A6766A584.jpg picture by RBKD-online

Inspired by screen legend and fashion icon, Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous style, rock-chic babe Rui En shows up in old Hollywood glamour style spotting a high waisted trousers and a boxy coat from local designer, Verna Tan. Together with her side-swept 50s hairdo, scarlet lips and blood-red painted nails, the whole menswear combo evokes a stark contrast to the throng of feminine silhouettes at the awards show. Definitely one of our favourite looks for the night.

酷女瑞恩从不屈服于”露”的风潮,一向偏好帅气打扮。今年,她穿上本地设计师Verna Tan的西装,并将长卷发放下,刚中带柔。今年流行”boyfriend’s look”,复古垫肩也继续盛行,瑞恩做到以上潮流点,也难怪本地著名造型师李荣达(Addy Lee)会大赞她好有个性!

Source: xinmsn Chinese | English

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27 April 2010 | 01:56 pm

1. Scene & Heard

Fashion Police – Page 24

Black beauty… again: We know this sleek all-black Gucci get-up is right up Rui-en’s alley, but would it kill the princess to inject some colour into her wardrobe for once?

2. Star Awards Show 2

The Style Report Card – Page 38

Rui En’s Grade: C
What a drag: She claims to be channelling film siren Marlene Dietrich’s androgynous falir, but we can’t stop thinking about how Rui En ‘stole’ the undone bowtie off Christopher Lee’s neck (he wore something similar at this ROM ceremony).

3. What you didn’t get to see on TV – Page 45

Makan time: After they were done with their make-up, the stars relak one corner and grabbed a quick dinner. The menu: fried bee hoon or nasi lemak.

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27 April 2010 | 01:28 pm

1. Starbuzz Page 26



2. 红星最i Page 32

奖项:最i荧幕搭档 (60%投票+40%评审)



瑞恩且感到意外,问她觉得自己跟黄俊雄登对吗?她笑说:“会吗?还好啦。” 她认为自己未来最火拍档应该是陈莉萍,新剧刚开工第一天她就觉得两人合作非常舒服,默契好。说完之后还俏皮笑说:“我已经开始为新戏宣传咯。哈哈。”

3. 人气五人帮

2. 瑞恩

会员: RBKD人数约100
现场人数: 29
投票: 由于粉丝以学生为主,经济能力有限,每人投选不超过100通,但会员人数最多,电话通数加起来接近5位数。
现场之最: 粉丝最早霸位,为支持偶像不惜顶着大太阳。

4. 黄俊雄

现场之最: 此外,粉丝觉得瑞恩与黄俊雄特别登对,决定与瑞恩的粉丝联盟,一同为这对荧幕情侣呐喊助威。

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26 April 2010 | 05:41 pm

Lots of eggsciting programmes coming this May on Channel 8!

Fans of Rui En rejoice! Rui En will be starring in a new 9pm drama “With You” together with Star Award 2010 Best Actor winner Chen Hanwei as well as Adrian Pang. At the same time, she will also be one of the hosts for new variety show “Lodge with Me” introducing the guest houses in Japan.

Telecast info:
With You – Premieres 12 May, every Mon-Fri, 9pm
Lodge with Me – Premieres 13 May, every Thu, 8pm

Source: 8gg

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26 April 2010 | 02:48 pm

Source: xinmsn English

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