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01 May 2011 | 11:22 pm

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13 February 2011 | 08:21 pm

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13 December 2010 | 03:32 pm

Exclusive priority sales at BookFest@Singapore 2011, Suntec City Convention Hall 6 from now till 19th December 2010. The book would be subsequently made available at all Popular Bookstores after 19th December 2010.

Bookfest Price: $12
Usual Price: $16.90

Rui En in Japan: Pages 12 to 77

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22 November 2010 | 04:00 pm

Page 114

This book would be released at Bookfest 2011.

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27 June 2010 | 09:20 pm

TV Page 72


路人甲says: 那个瑞恩去日本主持《我行我宿》,民宿都很像很多pattern很美酱。可是我是穷小孩,哪里有机会去?只可以看瑞恩在那边美美,想象如果我也住在那里就好……

随便小姐says: 就算你有钱去也没有她美啦。想得美咯你。

路人甲says: 我本来就很美的,只是输她一点点而已! But ok咯,输给她我心甘情愿!

随便小姐says: 你甘愿她不甘愿咯,人家才不要跟你相提并论咧,酱等于贬低自己。But你骗自己骗得自己开心就好啦。我其实比较关心的是hor那个行什么宿什么节目,上次不是那个陈什么…主持的咯,谁比较美?

路人甲says: 是陈靓暄啦。哇,你不要害我!等一下她们的粉丝围攻我怎么办?But我偷偷告诉你,你不要跟别人讲hor,瑞恩比较美…服装没有很亮丽,可是很有她的个人风格。自自然然,随便站在那边就很美了。而且她的旁述比陈靓暄好咯,上次陈靓暄念旁白的时候速度酱慢,我差点睡着咯。

随便小姐says: 哎哟,你酱讲很hurt咧,人家都要走去读书了… 是哦。听说接下来还有久久没有看到的菲欧娜?我要看我要看,等她出来世界杯刚刚好完了咯…


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02 June 2010 | 05:38 pm

For Rui En’s supporters, watch out for Rui En’s turn as host in ‘Lodge With Me 我行我宿’ exploring the icy cold Hokkaido’s Hakodate from Ep 6 onwards (after Felicia Chin).

I have also seen footages of upcoming dramas…I think Tay Ping Hui is looking great in ‘Unriddle 最火搭档’… You get a very different Chen Li Ping after her 180 episodes in ‘Your Hands In Mine’ and an ultra cool chick Rui En (I like that spine-chilling evil eyes of hers in the footages)…

Preview videos of ‘No Limits 泳闯琴关, Unriddle 最火搭档, The Family Court 走进走出’ are being uploaded soon on 8gg blogsite. Do check it out next week…

Source: BaguaTV

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10 May 2010 | 08:16 pm

1. Television – Page 99

Lodge With Me
Thur, Ch 8, 8pm

Fiona Xie’s baaack! Well, in a manner of speaking. Filmed before she moved to HK, Fiona is one of several hosts of this 13-part travelogue on Asia’s myriad guesthouses. The first five eps see Felicia Chin tour Taiwan where she checks into some of the these quaint lodges, chills out with its owners, and soaks up the local culture. Elsewhere, Rui En and Together’s Kola Zhou head for Japan (Eps 6-8) and Thailand (Eps 9-10) respectively. Fiona ends the show in Korea (Eps 11-13). Some people have all the luck.

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09 May 2010 | 10:07 pm

1. Contents Page 3

Page 50: 星相集

2. Star Album Pages 50 – 54

Page 51: 瑞恩




《我行我宿》自5月13日起,每逢星期四,晚上8时,8频道播映。 第一站,让陈靓瑄带大家到台湾。

3. TV Page 70



第3惊! 瑞恩情绪疲惫

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26 April 2010 | 05:41 pm

Lots of eggsciting programmes coming this May on Channel 8!

Fans of Rui En rejoice! Rui En will be starring in a new 9pm drama “With You” together with Star Award 2010 Best Actor winner Chen Hanwei as well as Adrian Pang. At the same time, she will also be one of the hosts for new variety show “Lodge with Me” introducing the guest houses in Japan.

Telecast info:
With You – Premieres 12 May, every Mon-Fri, 9pm
Lodge with Me – Premieres 13 May, every Thu, 8pm

Source: 8gg

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