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13 January 2011 | 04:49 pm

We dropped by “A Tale Of 2 Cities” filming the other day at a taekwando school and caught Rui En, Pierre Png and Yao Wen Long monkeying around in between breaks!! They probably hoped these photos would never see the light of day BUT…

While the director wasn’t looking, Pierre demonstrated a mean flying kick move which turned into a somewhat flying eagle / owl / phoenix / condor?? move. See how Wen Long tried to play along with him? :p

Obviously not contented with him monkeying alone, Pierre dragged his unwilling “partners-in-crime” down with him and got them to demonstrate his own version of flying eagle / owl / phoenix / condor?? move!

Kids, don’t try this at home.

Stay tuned for more updates as the the promo for this drama will commence soon!

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09 December 2010 | 01:57 pm

We heard our 2 Princesses Joanne Peh and Rui En would be filming together for one of the scenes in the upcoming romantic drama “A Tale Of 2 Cities” so we rushed down to the set to gatecrash the “party”!

A Tale of 2 Cities - Rui En

Check out Rui En’s sparkly pink gel nails! So not Rui En right? But we think she looked fab!

A Tale of 2 Cities - Yao Dong & Rui En

In reel life, Rui En still didn’t quite buy Yao Dong’s honeyed words…

 A Tale of 2 Cities - Joanne & Rui En

Filming for “A Tale of 2 Cities” is slated to end end of next week and will air on Valentine’s Day next year on Channel 8.

** Coming up soon for “A Tale of 2 Cities” on this blog: Rui En kicks butt! And Zhu Mimi chides fellow artistes on set with her scathing tongue! Who did she scold? Who, who, who?!

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08 November 2010 | 07:50 pm

Meet the cast of “A Tale of 2 Cities” 《乐在双城》!


YaLe1 YaLe2

章雅乐 (瑞恩): She pays attention to the quality of life and spends money like there’s no tomorrow. Has a ‘Missy Temper’ but never says no without a “fight”.


WenTao3 WenTao2

林文涛(方展发): Honest and sincere, he believes in the beauty of life.


JinFeng3 JinFeng2

梅金风(朱咪咪): Warm and generous. Has good interpersonal relationships with everyone.


While the artistes were off filming their scenes for this drama, we went snooping around.

RuiEn with Baby

RuiEn with Dog

Our very cool Rui En is displaying her soft side! While 蕾馨 was off doing her hair, Rui En tries to make the baby laugh. She was also overheard saying “Oh, the dog is so cute!” Awwww…

4 Couples
Awww, doesn’t this picture just scream “HAPPILY IN LOVE?”

Add some 《乐》into your life! (If you haven’t realised, 4 of our female characters’ name have 乐 in it!) This new drama will be coming your way on Valentine’s Day next year! Keep a lookout! -melts away-

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22 September 2010 | 12:48 pm

Don’t you think her image for our new drama “Tale of the Two Cities” 《乐在双城》is so Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girls)?
Also, at the same time, it is so not Rui En…

Check this out!






RuiEn,”Aiyo, this is so GG! How to act cute? (while posing for some shots) Can teach me some?”

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20 August 2010 | 01:19 pm

Unriddle 最火搭档 has reached its mid-point, but till date, no one knows what happened to Zhang Yu Ze.

Is he an upright inspector who has gone missing or just another corrupted cop?

On the other hand, what do you think of Hu Xiao Man?

Undeniably, she is one capable inspector, whatever case that lands in her hands will be cracked not long after, but think about the ways she used to crack those cases, would you call them witty or despicable?

Well, its really up to you to decide.

Don’t miss Unriddle 最火搭档 currently airing on weeknights at 9pm.

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02 August 2010 | 03:42 pm

Many of you were supportive of our Unriddle online game, and played right till the end. Now here’s a peek into what went on on the event day itself!

Venue:  Settler’s Cafe at SMU

Time: 2pm

Date: 31 July, Saturday

We heard the queue started at 5am. Woah.

The Zzen camp!

Rui En’s loyal supporters!

The crowd went wild and clamored to see the artistes when they arrived!

Inside the cafe, fans wait in anticipation

Baddie Ge Ping rubs shoulders with cop Rui En and informant Liping

What’s Pris and Zzen looking at?

Our very lucky and happy MacBook winner! Her MacBook box is personally signed by Rui En and Liping too! The box is now more valuable than the laptop, haha :)

Our 最火搭档 cool cats

Don’t forget to catch Unriddle, this Wed, 4 Aug, 9pm on Channel 8!

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