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19 April 2013 | 12:56 pm
SA2013: Will Kimberly Chia break Rui En’s winning streak?

Text: xinmsn team

As this year’s Star Awards looms near, we are one step closer to unravelling the artiste who ultimately won the hearts of online voters across the island for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple, and Favourite Host. The results will be released during Show 1 on April 21.

In the running for Favourite Onscreen Couple for the second year in a row are Elvin Ng and Rui En (fondly known as ‘Ruivin’). The twosome, whose pairing in Code of Honour garnered them the award last year, charmed audiences again with their on-screen chemistry in Unriddle 2.

While Rui En may be faring well in that area, things aren’t looking as peachy in the Favourite Female Character category. After four weeks of leading the polls, she was knocked down to second place by newcomer Kimberly Chia, who continued to reign in the rankings for the next three weeks. Can her dedicated fans, RBKD, get her back into the top spot and help her score her third consecutive accolade, or will Kimberly take home her first trophy?

As with usual practice, we put on our thinking hats to analyse each category, and place our bets for Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character, Favourite Onscreen Couple and Favourite Host.

Who will emerge victorious? Well, it’s entirely up to you.

Powered by xinmsn, the winners of these online awards are determined entirely by the public’s online votes.

Voting is free-of-charge and is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore residents, with a valid NRIC number. Each voter is entitled to one vote per day, for each award category.

Favourite Female Character

We say: Rui En

The ever-popular Rui En has always been a strong contender in this category, and with good reason. Her versatility has enabled her to pull off all kinds of roles, from a spoilt brat in A Tale of 2 Cities, to a headstrong journalist in Poetic Justice, the role which garnered a nod for her in this category. Her strong, supportive fan base and impressive track record also make this prediction a no-brainer for us.

Dark horse: Kimberly Chia

If there’s one nominee who can break Rui En’s winning streak, it’s Kimberly Chia, who no doubt moved viewers with her portrayal of ill-stricken Deng Yilin in Don’t Stop Believin’. The young, doe-eyed actress took over her senior’s position in the fifth week of voting, and kept her ranking for three weeks straight. Could this be the beginning of the reign of a new TV screen queen?

Favourite Onscreen Couple

We say: Rui En & Elvin Ng

Could certified hot favourite RuiVin bag a third trophy together? We believe so. The in-demand duo have been owning the rankings since week one with their rollercoaster relationship in Unriddle 2, and they’ve already proved their popularity by winning the same title twice – once at last year’s show for Code of Honour, and another in 2010 for The Dream Catchers. The odds are definitely in their favour.

Dark horse: Rui En & Alien Huang

Latching on just as firmly to the number two spot for seven weeks is another Rui En pairing – this time, with Taiwanese star Alien Huang. The twosome, who play lovers in Joys of Life, and are the only real rivals of Ruivin – a pretty impressive feat, considering this is their first on-screen pairing.



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Source: Xinmsn

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