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08 December 2012 | 09:44 pm

Asian Television Awards 2012 Page 23


Rui En has acted in numerous memorable roles in her 10 years of acting. In 2011, three dramas she starred in were among the Top 6 most-watch dramas on MediaCorp Channel 8. A Tale of Two Cities debuted with a record more than 1 million in viewership and Rui En’s fresh approach of a princessy character won further praise and conviction from the audience. The role earned Rui En a nomination for Best Actress at Star Awards 2012. Her scorching popularity has further been affirmed when she was recently voted into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste for the 7th consecutive year at Star Awards 2012, as well as the Singapore E-Awards 2012 Most Popular TV Artiste for the third year in a row.

“Thank you to the production team for giving me the opportunity and space to bring out the extremities of the role.”Hu Xiao Man” would not have existed without EP Paul Yuen and script writer Phang Kai Yee. “Hu Xiao Man” will always remain significant to me. Thank you, ATA.” – Rui En

Unriddle II
MediaCorp Pte Ltd
Channel 8
Highly Commended Debbie Goh
The Descendant
Media Prima, ntv7
Produced by Juita Entertainment

Source: Asian Television Awards, Television Asia Plus

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01 December 2012 | 11:52 pm

1. Caracol Television Page 36


Tang Yun Leung, Vice President of Content Distribution, MediaCorp

We see an increasing trend of buyers considering new media platforms. With more free-to-air licenses to be issued in Hong kong by 2013, we expect more activities coming from Hong Kong buyers.

We are bringing ATF a plethora of dramas ranging from love, paranormal to turn-of-the-century. These include Poetic Justice, Beyond X and The Quarters.

2. Listing: ATF Page 42


Poetic Justice

Genre: Drama
Duration: 20 x 46′

Nothing short of abrupt turns and the complications that come with love, this drama revolves around the life of Liu Yan Zhi, a TV host and producer of “Reality TV”. After her boyfriend, Zhong Lun, suddenly goes missing, Yan Zhi’s life becomes devoid of meaning, as she holds steadfast the belief that he will return one day. But as fate will have it, she meets Zheng Ye, who comes from a wealthy family and has never worked a day in his life. Zheng Ye eventually invests in “Reality TV” and participates in the programme as a field reporter. Antagonistic at first, like in many staged romances, the two soon fall in love after enduring several trials and tribulations.


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