Traversing The Road Less Traveled, Lux Veritas.
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04 April 2013 | 05:03 pm

Anniversary Special

10 issues, 10 cover girls. Because they are all so special, it’s hard for us to let go. We keep track of their movements and discover where they are now.

By Adele Chan

Rui En

Cover: #04, Aug 2012

The only thing “ice queen” about Rui En is that she’s super cool. In fact, we think she’s the coolest MediaCorp actress on the hill. But don’t take our word for it – turn on the telly any weekday night at 9pm and see for yourself.

Where in the world are you now?

Singapore [Caldecott Hill, to be precise].

What are you up to?

Filming a new TV series that will air on Channel 8.

What are your plans for the future?

[We suppose] more filming. [Ah, such is the life of an actress.]

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Photo courtesy: Artiste Networks.

The Dream Makers 志在四方 debuts 24 June 2013 9pm on Channel 8.

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18 July 2012 | 05:10 pm

Under Cover: Rui En

According to NYLON’s DNA, we’re supposed to transform people – but how does one transform the resident ice queen of Caldecott Hill? We thought, let’s make her fiercer. Out came the spiked boots, studded stillettos and of course, makeup to match. Going in a completely opposite direction from her character in her new drama, “Joys of Life”, where she plays a domestically-inclined daughter of a low-income family, we gave her a dramatic, winged out cat-eye and piled on eyeshadow for depth. What we found odd was that, despite her rumoured frosty demeanor, she turned out to be an absolute joy to work with. We’re fans.

Cover story Pages 114-123

The Naked Truth

By Vicki Yang

Vintage just ain’t hip anymore; classical antiquity is in. But excepting scholastic tradition, there’s something quite misdirected about slapping a latin motto onto any contemporary venture, like pointing out its own lightweight show of gravitas and a less-than-historical credibility. But perhaps there’s kind of an apt wisdom behind the idea of “lux veritas” (an elementary translation: the light of the truth), which Rui En’s fan club has incorporated into their slogan. Indeed, a celebration of a decade-long career premised on making goggle box artifice believeable veritably demands a spotlight on the reality behind the channel 8 television images – who is the real Rui En?

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