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26 December 2012 | 07:30 am

Babe, me?

She may have been calm and cool about her nomination, but her second Babe Of The Year win – with a record-breaking 6,405 votes – made actress Rui En “flabbergasted”.

In an email to The New Paper, the 31-year old said she was “bewildered” when she first heard the news about how many votes she had received this year.

She beat Jeanette Aw, who received 804 votes, and YouTube star Munah Bagharib, who received 183 votes.

“My fans… I have no words for how incredibly committed they are,” she said.

“Truly, any and all awards actually belong to RBKD, all my fans and them alone.”

RBKD, the moniker for Rui En’s fan club, was also responsible for her first Flame Awards trophy, also for Babe Of The Year, back in early 2009.

Then, she was up against this year’s nominee, Jeanette Aw, as well as Joanne Peh, both of whom had shined in blockbuster drama The Little Nyonya.

She had also been nonchalant about her chances then, saying it would be “The Little Nyonya year”.

Up against Aw again this year, as well as hot newcomer Munah Bagharib, Rui En declined to talk about her chances.

Now that she has won again, she is somewhat amused.

“I really am the sort to head down to the kopi tiam in shorts and slippers. Highly un-babe-like…” she said.

She had a few stern words for The New Paper about the title, too.

“I…have to be honest. Babe is really not one of the most favourite words of mine. To me, ‘babe’ means swaddled in pastel blankets and also had a lot of very strong Christmas connotations,” she said.

All right, we hear you. A name change may be in order. Who are we to argue with someone who has had such a great year in showbiz?

Her Babe Of The Year win caps a year of trophies, including Favourite Female Character at the Star Awards for her role in A Tale of 2 Cities, and Best Actress at the recent Asian Television Awards for her role in Unriddle 2.

All, one must note, without seemingly overly eager and overexposed or the opposite of completely catty or cold.

It is her refreshing “real-ness” that endears her to her fans, who “stretched” themselves this year to make sure she took home the Babe Of The Year title again.

RBKD fan club president Peh Xin Yi, 25 told The New Paper that this year, they heeded Rui En’s advice to “vote within their means”, but they strategised to ensure their idol would emerge tops.

“Our fan club has more than 90 members, but we posted about the Babe Of The Year voting through Facebook (where Rui En has more than 116,000 fans) and Twitter,” said the club president.

“We had one member who wanted to set aside $100 to vote for her (each SMS costs 20 cents), but we stopped her as we don’t believe in having one person vote excessively.

“That’s why we promoted it online.

“Flame Awards was one of the first we got for her (RBKD was formed in Nov 2008).

“It’s a great way to end the year.”

Juliana June Rasul

Source: The New Paper, Asiaone

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16 December 2012 | 01:59 pm

This is your final chance to vote in this year’s Flame Awards. Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman recaps the nominees.


1. Rui En

The level-headed ice queen remained cool despite her fall-out with actor Zhang Yaodong at this year’s Star Awards Show 1 in April.

2. Jeanette Aw

It’s a golden year for this beauty as she rakes in big bucks from endorsement deals and business opportunities all over.

3. Malmunah Bagharib

She’s pretty, smart and ballsy – and she really doesn’t care what you think of her. Enough said.

Source: The New Paper

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10 December 2012 | 11:15 am

By Tan Kee Yun and Catherine Robert

The Flame Awards is celebrating 17 years – gosh, how time flies! – of discerning adulation and witty irreverence with a bang.

For nearly two decades, the sharp-tongued team at The New Paper has been handing out laurels to the crazy kids on the entertainment scene for adding colour to our lives.

We either praise these beloved stars or roast them with sadistic glee.

This year, expect a few new award categories that give special mention to celebrities who amused and perplexed us with their acts of impulsiveness.

But first, a classic readers’ favourite – BABE OF THE YEAR.



Two gorgeous veterans are up against a spunky newcomer. Will it be a case of youthful victory, or will experience and massive fan base win the day?

Want to find out more about these ladies?

Babe of the year

She’s icy cool over Flame nomination

1. Rui En

Staying true to her ice queen reputation, the 31-year old took in her Babe of The Year nomination coolly.

“Thanks for nominating me again,” she wrote in an e-mail reply.

“As usual, regarding any awards, I normally have zero expectations.”

The Hype Records artiste was juggling a hectic filming schedule and could not speak to us on the phone.

Rui En was nominated this year because we loved it that she kept it real at Star Awards Show 1 in April.

A comedic skit spoofing the A-list stars of Caldecott Hill mercilessly teased her about her then-highly publicised spat with actor Zhang Yaodong and she looked moody for the rest of the show.

Zhang had talked to the media about a rape scene he did with Rui En in the drama On the Fringe in August 2011. Rui En, who was working in Malaysia then, immediately posted a heated blog entry, stressing that she was against doing kissing and rape scenes.

At the Star Award Show 1, she didn’t even pretend to be happy for the cameras. In her acceptance speech, she said firmly: “We are here to film (dramas), not create news.”

Now, if that isn’t a dig at her colleagues’ – and perhaps, also the media’s – “kaypoh” chatter about her and Zhang, we don’t know what is.

In her e-mail replies to TNP, Rui En said: “All the teasing and ragging is really part and parcel of the game. Some said my face was black, only to realise afterwards that it’s my default look.

“I just honestly wish they could come up with some new material to tease me with.”

She didn’t say much about her chances against the other two nominees, labelmate Jeanette Aw and Maimunah Bagharib (Munah), but expressed concerns about her fans spending too much money on SMS votes.

“I know there has been plenty of voting going on this year for various awards, do vote within your means,” urged Rui En.

How to vote

For Babe of the Year, the keyword is TNPFLAMEBABE

Send your vote by SMS to 146077877 in the following format: TNPFLAMEBABE Answer NRIC Name

For example, if you want to vote Rui En as Babe Of The Year, SMS “TNPFLAMEBABE 1 S1234567A MIKE TAN” to 146077877

Each SMS costs 20 cents. Voting ends at 11.59pm on Sunday (16 December 2012).

RBKD: The crumpledness on page 19 is an intended effect by The New Paper and is not a compromise in scans’ quality on RBKD’s part :)

Source: The New Paper

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