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12 April 2018 | 10:55 am

娱乐杂志《i周刊》和《8 DAYS》将从今年10月开始只通过网络发行。另外《ELLE》和《SmartParents》则将停止发行。

Source: Channel 8 News

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12 April 2018 | 10:52 am


Mediacorp publications 8 DAYS and i-Weekly will move to become digital-only, and will have their last print editions at the end of September this year.

Source:, Straits Times

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07 July 2015 | 11:14 pm

Rui En is the new face of L’Oreal Paris’s 30th anniversary campaign for Color Riche. In it, she makes a colour statement in three rich shades: Coral Chic, Pretty Pink and Fiery Red, switching between looking polished, girlish and smokingly sultry.

Source: ELLE, Toggle

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16 November 2012 | 03:48 pm


The Nominees – Actress of the Year

Rui En
Joys of Life

Often labelled an ice queen, actress Rui En is not just a one-expression starlet. Having played roles from tough cops to long-suffering women, she starred in the 1960s drama about friends who set up a carabet.

Instructions to voting (ends 14 November 2012, 2359):

Option 1: Register a MediaCorp Access ID and each voter is entitled to 10 votes per day.

Option 2: Send your votes to by 18 November 2012 in the following fomat: Name.NRIC number.Contact number.Voting category & nominee (Example: Actress, Julia Roberts). Indicate “Elle Awards 2012” in the subject header of your email.

Source: ELLE Magazine, Xinmsn

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17 June 2011 | 06:49 pm

How much of a disappointment was it that you didn’t win Best Actress?

I was very happy for Rui En when she won, because her body of work for last year was the most dynamic. Acting, got me, is not about winning awards. It’s about going through the emotional journey of the characters I play. I derive great satisfaction when there’s good chemistry on set and I constantly try to exceed myself so I do hope to showcase a better performance this year.

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16 July 2009 | 03:11 pm

Cover Story: Rui En (ELLE Hot 10)

“I thought fame was the answer to all my problems” – Actress Rui En on her big reality check.

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