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21 October 2011 | 11:39 pm
Love Thy Neighbour breaks one-million viewership mark

During its run on MediaCorp’s Channel 8 the past four weeks, much has been discussed about Love Thy Neighbour’s scripted dialogue and representation of locals and foreigners. Despite the wide discussion on the drama, the show has been attracting a steady stream of viewers, even surpassing the one-million viewership mark on Oct 13.

According to Paul Chan, vice-president of MediaCorp Channel 8 Branding & Promotions, viewership rating for Love Thy Neighbour has already surpassed the 900,000 mark — even before the series ends concludes on Monday. It joins the ranks of police drama series C.L.I.F, and A Tale of Two Cities starring Rui En and Joanne Peh, which are the other two dramas which have successfully attracted an average of more than 900,000 viewers during its run.

Thanks to a wide variety of drama genres this year, before the year concludes with two more shows — The Oath and A Song to Remember — 2011’s dramas on Channel 8 have attracted an average of 870,000 viewers to date, which shows an increase in viewership, as compared to 2010’s average of 859,000 viewers.

These dramas are also attracting online viewers on xinmsn’s Catch-Up TV. Popular youth drama On The Fringe, which, tackled delinquency issues and the rise of youth gangs, was most popular online attracting more than 1.3 million views during its run.

Source: Xinmsn

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