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12 April 2019 | 07:24 pm

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Episode 20: The Finale

This is unanimously voted by fans as The Ultimate Episode to watch for the entire series. Rui En brings us through Ru Yin’s emotional journey after she regains her memory and attempts to be reunited with Jun Yang.

The scenes were with minimal dialogue but you could feel the emotions that Rui En conveyed with her role as Ru Yin. It was as though we were right there with Ru Yin because we feel for her too. The car scene, hospital scene, dream scene, at home after dream scene, wedding scene, niu xiao di scene, finale scene with baby. Sometimes, words are redundant.

看一次, 感动一次的一集. If you only have time to spare for one single episode for this drama, episode 20 has got to be it.

Episode 20 is RBKD’s top recommendation for the entire series.

Click here if video doesn’t play.

Episode 16: Proposal & 还阳

Episode 16 deserves to be watched at least twice. It gives you a different feeling and interpretation. When you watch Episode 16 for the first time, you feel really happy for them until the twist at the end. And if you rewatch it again, you might feel that tinge of sadness in the happy scenes now that you know how the episode would end.

If you could just spare the time for one more episode, please watch both episodes 16 & 20. You would understand why Rui En’s fans love her so much.

Click here if video doesn’t play.

Episode 15: Finally Together

“Finally Together”. A moment to remember, the episode that made all fans smile from ear to ear.

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Episode 12: Junyang is stabbed when protecting Ru Yin

Click here if video doesn’t play.

Episode 3: 地府没有WiFi

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All Episodes:

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