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26 August 2018 | 05:00 pm

Last Saturday, Rui En & RBKD spent a tiring but fruitful day together, doing mural painting for a VWO partner.

Like Rui En, it was the first time many of us tried wall painting. But what we lacked in experience and skills, we made up for it with our dedication and teamwork.

The concept was to paint inspirational quotes against a blue ombré background in the revision room; but we soon learnt that this was much more challenging than single color painting.

But no matter if it’s squatting down to paint, standing on a chair rested on uneven ground to do outlining or helping to create the ombré effect with sponges, Rui En was there.

She had requested us to conduct this before her filming commences in September so that she could participate. But little did we know Rui En actually has a Muaythai Boran grading examination the next day; for most of us, we were literally so tired beyond words we didn’t even think of venturing out of home.

The final product after 10 hours of manual effort was truly gratifying; there was this shared sense of pride and accomplishment to be able to complete this as One RBKD.

Quoting Rui En, “it was so lovely to see all the familiar faces yesterday after so long. Very proud of you guys and your hardwork. Looking forward to more charity events.”


For more photos, check out the Chinese write-up here.


For more photos, check out the Chinese write-up here.


PS: To friends of media who wish to access the original photographs for publishing, please contact us directly or email us.

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26 August 2018 | 04:59 pm









For more photos, check out the English write-up here.


PS: To friends of media who wish to access the original photographs for publishing, please contact us directly or email us.

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30 December 2015 | 09:55 pm


On screen, this wedding scene stretched across two episodes, for slightly over half an hour.

Off the screen, the production team spent three days to film this scene.

On Day Two when RBKD visited on set, filming continued past midnight, even though they have already been filming all day and filming resumes early next morning.

In our short visit, we managed to capture some shots and we hope you will like these photos by RBKD. Do like and share our social media posts if you enjoyed this post.

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Here are some of our favourites, 很有戏味的几张照!

 photo 0FF1FCB8-3E68-4713-8CCE-BE6165B531DC.jpg

 photo 208F09EA-0B7F-4072-B483-53E1F23AB7F2.jpg

 photo 2F31EA80-E335-43B3-8BDB-D2C8ED9C846D.jpg

 photo 71D174EE-0747-48BA-B1BE-38C385705EE7.jpg

Wedding photos in Tonglin’s signature style!

 photo 9C204012-0667-484E-B44A-A32ABC4B005C.jpg

What you don’t see on TV, the backstage heroes:

 photo E6C71678-3A02-4507-95EA-F8FE0072771D_1.jpg

 photo 5FD45B72-3AA5-4915-9657-65047A42F54B.jpg

执子之手, 与子偕老:

 photo F7D58593-202D-4489-B873-A4DDF184A559.jpg

Walking in with the big brother:

 photo 10E7D3B5-A2C1-472F-ABA2-71BFD708B80E.jpg

 photo CBE88499-20D0-42D4-ADF8-3B9419220F55.jpg


 photo 52531010-8852-4E18-AD59-30FB12427083.jpg

 photo 09581916-AA93-4D9F-9D86-D2EFE40587D0_1.jpg

 photo B7797483-C78D-4478-8EC9-E6A627773787.jpg

 photo ACA0D24C-9E59-4476-B7C9-96D3F28338D2.jpg

The church:

 photo F842F341-2F3D-4B0B-B8FF-214410ACD1A0.jpg

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Bonus! Recap the wedding scene here!

有情人终成眷属 – The Dream Makers 2 志在四方2 – Ep 19 Highlight

[上集回顾]Love conquers all. 困难重重的婚礼终于完美落幕了!:’)#zzsf2 #thedreammakers2

Posted by Channel 8 on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

To catchup on all episodes from The Dream Makers 2 series, click here.

The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 is now airing on Channel 8, weeknights at 9pm.

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10 November 2015 | 02:03 pm


In this exclusive series, we bring you behind the scene of “The Dream Makers 2” trailer shoot featuring Rui En in black and white photographs.

Hope you like this photo spread.


 photo 1C021060-B740-4381-A60D-73FF27BE0465.jpg

 photo 75320E9D-8849-4123-BC6E-EACDC80F4C51.jpg

 photo 814FD00A-0169-4761-9628-24F096185CBF.jpg

 photo D98B0C2F-FA54-445C-A80D-01770EE606DB.jpg

 photo 7A1650B2-CB13-47A9-9DB4-BCEB3FCD554F.jpg

The end product:

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The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 debuts 04 December 2015, 9pm on Channel 8.

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