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06 May 2012 | 09:36 am
8DAYS #1125

1. Scene & Heard Pages 16-28

Story: Jonathan Fam & Sarah Chang

Notes on a scandal!

The recent underage prostitution sex scandal that rocked our nation got us thinking: Is engaging a hooker any different from having a meaningless fling? We conducted a poll with 21 TV stars and their reactions are surprising, especially Jeanette Aw’s.

“One-night stands are irresponsible”

RUI EN “Females tend to be a little bit more emotional so there’s a propensity for them to get hurt after a one-night stand. For men, it’s just physical. So, in a warped way, prostitution is less damning – you’re not hurting anyone.”

2. Cover Story

By: Tan Yi Hui, Jasmine Teo, Sarah Chang & Douglas Tseng

Lass Action Hero

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the only sweetheart roughening up her image to show off her alpha side.

Rui En, 31

Lassy! > She was the sub-zero ice princess who impressed us with her dramatic chops, playing emotionally vulnerable characters like a wan Aids patient in By My Side and a grieving widow connected with her dead husband’s spirit in With You.

Sassy! > She was the sub zero ice princess who did all her martial arts stunt herself in Code of Honour, but she really earned her action stripes with her portrayal as a tough-nut copper in Unriddle (and the sequel Unriddle 2). The latter saw her engaging in some serious – and convincing – mano-a-mano blows with her co-stars. How is she going to top that in Unriddle 3?

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