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22 December 2011 | 12:18 pm
#starawards 红星大奖 2012 – Help nominate Fave Female/Couple!

Stage 2 of the nominations is here!!!!!!!!

We wanna hear your nomination wishlist for 2 awards this festive week:

Favourite Female Character 最喜爱女角色
Favourite Onscreen Couple 最喜爱荧幕情侣

These two awards are by online voting only, so we are expecting the legions of youth fans to rally behind their favourite artistes to help them win the awards! (Online voting period is from March – Apr, dates to be released later) But they need to be nominated before they can get your vote, so tell us!

Being online awards, will the ‘trend 到不清不楚‘ youth drama On The Fringe 边缘父子 get the teen actors some nominations? Showbiz has a very short memory; will fans still remember them? We don’t know! What we do know is that Kim Chia/Edwin Goh/Ian Fang each have a huge fanbase who will retweet their every tweet, will this be enough? Tell us on Twitter, Facebook and 微薄!

Last year’s winners Rui En and Elvin Ng also traditionally do well online, so they may each garner support for nominations in the individual Male/Female categories, as well as the Ruivin pairing in Code of Honour 正义武馆! Did you also remember Elvin’s role in C.L.I.F. as the laidback & adorable Sgt Teo 张贵祥, or Rui En’s role as the long-suffering 茶碗蒸 in The In-Laws with Pierre Png?

Did we miss out any AWESOME Female/Couples?

Favourite Female Character 最喜爱女角色
Favourite Onscreen Couple 最喜爱荧幕情侣

Tell us now in the comments section below or tag tag tag tag us on:

Twitter: Follow us @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #starawards so we can find your feedback!
Facebook: Like us on Channel 8′s page here and tell us your comments on this album on the appropriate categories!
Weibo: Follow us on @ch8sg and hashtag your posts #红星大奖# too!

Nominate Rui En as both 1. Zhang Yale (A Tale of 2 Cities) and 2. Ou Kelu (Code of Honour) for Favourite Female Character by tweeting with #starawards

Nominate both 3. Jiazhen Jianhai (Rui En & Pierre, The In-Laws) and 4. Chenxi Kelu (Rui En & Elvin, Code of Honour) for Favourite Couple by tweeting with #starawards

Source: BaguaTV

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