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29 March 2011 | 09:21 pm

电视奖项 TV

A e乐人气本地电视演员
Most Popular Local TV Actor


Source: Wanbao, SG E-Awards, MyPaper

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28 March 2011 | 07:29 pm

日期: 28/03/2011 | 新闻来源: 新明日报 | 记者: 钟雁龄







Source: Shinmin

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28 March 2011 | 11:01 am






网上投选 李铭顺领先两奖项





Have your fingers been hard at work at the online voting awards for Star Awards 2011?

How are your favourite celebs faring, in this award where the winners are solely decided by you?

Other online categories open for public voting included Favourite Male Character and Favourite Female Character, which are led by Elvin Ng and Rui En respectively.

Elvin played Zhou Jie Ming, an autistic genius in Breakout while Rui En portrayed Yang Xiao Dong in Happy Family.

To vote for your favourite artistes, visit

The online voting for Star Awards 2011 is powered by xinmsn.

In addition, xinmsn also brings you firsthand news on the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes. According to telepoll votes by the public, here are the current Top 10 rankings.

How are the female artistes faring?

Fans of up-and-coming starlets Zhou Ying and Tiffany Leong are definitely doing their part, while what’s left of MediaCorp princesses are all commanding the chart.

Current Top 10 Female Artistes are Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Kym Ng, Lim Pei Fen, Pan Ling Ling, Rui En, Tiffany Leong, Vivian Lai, Yvonne Lim and Zhou Ying.

Are your favourite celebs on the list? If not, start voting for them!

Telepoll lines will remain open until Apr 24, 9pm. Results of the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes will be announced during the live telecast of Star Awards 2011 on the same night on MediaCorp Channel 8.

Source: Xinmsn English | Chinese

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28 March 2011 | 10:09 am

Voting for Star Awards Online Awards has started since 1 March on! This year, we’ve decided to reveal the nominee in the TOP leading position in his/her respective category every Monday all the way till 11 April 2011! Who will eventually take home the respective awards on 17 April during Star Awards 2011 Show 1? Ahhh… it’s anyone’s guess. Fans, if you see your idol trailing behind, there’s still time!! Vote, vote, vote!

Favourite Female Character 最喜爱女角色

Currently in 1st position: Yang Xiao Dong 杨小冬 in Happy Family 过好年

Favourite On-screen Couple (Drama) 最喜爱银幕情侣
Currently in 1st position: Situ Dong Cheng 司徒东城, Yang Nian Qing 杨念青 in Breakout 破天网

Currently trailing behind (not in order of ranking):

Zou Jie Ming 邹杰明, Tang Ying 汤颖 in Breakout 破天网
Shen Xi Ping 沈希平, Huang Shu Ya 黄舒雅 in The Family Court 走进走出
Chen Wei Zhong 陈伟中, Yun Fei Xue 云飞学 in Mrs P.I. 查某人
Zhang Yang 张扬, Ye Si Qi 叶思琪 in With You 我在你左右
Ok, now on to some housekeeping rules all voters should take note of:

1. Open to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore with a vlid IC number.

2. Voting is free-of-charge.

3. Each voter is entitled to one vote per day for each award category.

4. Voting starts on March 1st 2011, noon, and ends on 17 April, 2011 during Show 1.

5. Results will be announced during Star Awards 2011 Show 1 on April 17, 2011.

6. To optimize your web experience with our voting page, we strongly encourage that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

7. Please log on to for more terms and conditions.

Source: Bagua8

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28 March 2011 | 10:04 am

Dark and darker horses abound in the 1st round of updates for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes!

It gets more interesting as we proceed to the list for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. This year could be the year of the dark horses for the ladies…

Like Dennis Chew, latecomer Lim Pei Fen also managed to make it to the 1st round of Top 10 leading names. Could deejays have more luck? Don’t forget they have the best of both worlds – fans from both TV and Radio,

Zhou Ying and Tiffany Leong, both first-timers to the Top 10 awards, have both made it to the list in this round. Despite not being Singaporean natives, the actresses have proved that they have their own group of supporters rooting for them. So stop saying “Who is Zhou1 Ying1?” and “Tiffany who?”. Don’t play play ah.

Kym Ng and Pan Ling Ling who missed out on a Top 10 award last year have bounced back with gusto to make it to this round’s list while Quan Yi Fong and Michelle Chia, who each won a Top 10 award last year, are visibly missing from the list. Yi Fong and Michelle’s fans are probably saving their ammo till the last minute. It’s still anybody’s game at this point.

Here’s the full list of the leading names in the 1st round of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:


RUI EN 瑞恩 1900-112-2030

The telepoll lines for the Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes are open from 17 March to 24 April 2011, 9pm.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each phone call costs $0.80 (exclusive of GST)

2. Pre-paid card holders and overseas phone lines will not be able to vote

3. Callers aged 18 years and below must seek parental consent

4. Refer to for other terms and conditions

Source: Bagua8

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28 March 2011 | 02:25 am

I really don’t know sometimes.

Why would these people keep voting for me?

Then it dawns upon me

They must be the angels sent from above

Put on earth

To show me the meaning of love

(Yes, it might be a lousy cheesy poem but I mean it just like my stick man, whose name happens to be Mr Man)

And henceforth the “Dang-ers” shall be known as the “Rangels”. (Is that at least a slight improvement over the much-disliked Dang-ers?)

This was originally posted in the RBKD Forum.

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