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29 December 2010 | 09:46 pm

Join 15,000 Serangoon residents in ushering in 2011 at Serangoon Swing 2011.

The Countdown Party, “One Serangoon, One Family”, is guaranteed to be an evening of family-oriented fun, games and musical entertainment featuring fellow residents, local celebrities and artistes. Best of all, residents can celebrate the New Year and bond with each other right at their doorstep.

What’s more, residents will get a chance to party away with Mediacorp artistes – Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Hady Mirza, Sylvia Ratonel, Ebi Shankara, Mark Lee and Henry Thia! There will also be performances by Serangoon’s very own talent. Dick Yip & the Garden Ministrels, who will kick off the night of entertainment.

Guest-of-Honour, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, will grace the event along with Advisers from the Aljunied GRC, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Mr George Yeo, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang and Madam Cynthia Phua.

Come on down to Serangoon Garden Circus on 31 December 2010 from 6pm to 1am for a night of fun-filled entertainment. Admission is free.

Source: PA

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29 December 2010 | 01:09 pm

SERANGOON grassroots leaders are pulling out all the stops to make sure that their New Year countdown party is the one event not to be missed on the last night of this year.

On Friday, popular local artists such as Rui En, Jeanette Aw, Mark Lee and Henry Thia, and Singapore Idol Hady Mirza, will lend their star power to Serangoon Swing 2011.

Along with host celebrities Michelle Chong, Moses Lim and Justin Mission, they will kick off seven hours of song, dance and celebration from 6pm at the Serangoon Garden Circus, where a stage is being erected. To top it off, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will join the star-studded event and ring in the New Year with residents.

Source: Straits Times

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28 December 2010 | 01:55 pm

Caldecott Hill’s ice princess plays an aggrieved daughter-in-law in her next role

Her last role was a badass-kicking police office Hu Xiaoman in Unriddle. Come next year, not only will you see Rui En as a girly girl in A Tale of 2 Cities, this versatile actress will also play the role of an aggrieved daughter-in-law in The In-Laws.

In The In-Laws, Rui En plays a girl-next-door character, who is down-to-earth and has a passion for recycling. She plays an onscreen couple with Pierre Png and her character will constantly be in oppression because of her controlling mother-in-law and a scheming sister-in-law.

“My character in this drama is very different from the one in A Tale of 2 Cities. I was a princess girl in that one; unruly, willful with a penchant for dressing up. I don’t like to dress up. I wasn’t used to the nail polish to the high heels. This is a girl-next-door character, so it has a more casual style,” said Rui En at the photo shoot for The In-Laws.

Her character in The In-Laws might be closer to Rui En’s style, but the actress said that it was a challenge to interpret the character’s personality in the story.

“My previous roles often fight back when messed with or fight for something they want. However, this character is bullied right from the start and she tolerates it completely. My previous characters were more independent and assertive,” replied the 29-year-old.

Rui En admitted it was a “new experience for her to be given an aggrieved and pitiful role” and that she watched Taiwanese drama Love and Korean drama A Wife’s Temptation for acting tips.

“I set very high standards for myself in every drama I do. I would write a few pages of my character’s background, for example, her tribulations when she was a child,” said Rui En, who always treated the roles she played seriously.

A year ago, Rui En spent a very meaningful Christmas, by volunteering at a children’s home.

“Those children are usually very lonely. It’s meaningful to them when outsiders visit them during Christmas,” reminisced the actress.

This year, Rui En was roped in for an ad against drunk-driving and had the chance to show off her singing chops.

The actress also expressed that she usually does not receive many Christmas presents, nor has she received any special ones. However, Rui En does have something she wants, and that is to “rest at home alone”.

Despite having a heavy schedule now, Rui En said that she would have time to rest very soon.

Would the actress follow in Felicia Chin’s footsteps, taking a temporary break from showbiz or be like Jesseca Liu, signing onto another management company?

“I’m not someone who thinks too much. I do what I love doing, I’m hardly ambitious. I only know I love acting,” said Rui En.

This year, the 29-year-old actress was involved in three different productions, namely Happy Family, With You and Unriddle; all of which garnered good ratings. Does she hope to clinch something at the Star Awards next year?

“I didn’t think so much. That includes Star Awards. I never had expectations. I’m satisfied as long as the ratings are good and feedback from the viewers is good. I wouldn’t ask for anything more, since I’m already doing what I like best,” replied Rui En.

Source: Xinmsn

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28 December 2010 | 12:17 am

By Alvina Soh

SINGAPORE : MediaCorp’s entertainment-and-lifestyle magazine 8 Days is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a photo exhibition and auction.

The event is being held at Nex, the mall in Serangoon Central.

If you have always wanted some of those fancy photos from 8 Days to grace your walls, now is your chance.

More than 200 of the shots from over 20 years of the publication’s history are now up for auction.

Proceeds will go to the Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, MediaCorp’s adopted charity.

The exhibition cum auction is on till December 31.


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26 December 2010 | 09:09 pm

1. Feature Page 38

10年 风云事 还没忘记…


2. TV MSN Page 69

四眼先生: 明年会有《过好年》part 2 可以看吗?过了一整年,我还记得这部戏咯。如果有part 2,不懂那个金乜乜有演吗hor?

芭芭拉姬: 据我推算,应该很难,金乜乜拍完过年戏后都不知所踪了咯。 不要问我为什么,继续我问天我问天啦~

3. 8Days 12 hotshots for 2011 Calendar

Complimentary with the latest I-Weekly or 8Days.

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25 December 2010 | 01:27 pm






虽然《麻婆斗妇》里的角色造型较接近瑞恩本人的风格,但要诠释故事人物的性格却是一个挑战。她说:”我以前演的都是你惹我,我会顶嘴,或争取到底的,但这个角色一开始被人欺负时,是完全用忍去带过,而且会受到很多委屈。 之前演的是比较独立、有主见的角色,突然要演一个很委屈、很可怜的媳妇,对我来说是很新鲜。”














瑞恩笑着说:”我没有想很多,包括红星大奖。我从来没有什么期待,只要戏收视不错,观众的反应也是不错,我已经很满意了。 我现在已经很开心,已经可以做自己爱做的东西,我不会要求更多的东西。”

Source: Xinmsn

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23 December 2010 | 07:02 pm

Just before the year ends, let me present to you some upcoming drama teasers with footages revealed for the very first time (not even on TV yet)!

Let’s get very romantic and very comedy in February’s ’A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城’ with Rui En 瑞恩, Joanne Peh 白薇秀, Pierre Png 方展发, Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰, Zhu Mi Mi 朱咪咪, Zhang Yao Dong 张耀栋, Yao Wen Long 姚玟隆 and introducing newly signed Taiwanese Kate Phang 新签约的台湾妹妹庞蕾馨:

Source: BaguaTV

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23 December 2010 | 12:56 pm

Female celebs rock out in masculine frocks on the red carpet

23 December 2010

MAN up.

That’s what some foreign female celebrities seem to be doing as they ditch feminine frocks in favour of men’s suits on the red carpet.

Actresses such as Leighton Meester, Olivia Wilde, AnnaLynne McCord, Jessica Alba and Winona Ryder, and supermodels including Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn have been showing off their edgier side since last month.

Meester and Moss, for example, have gone the whole hog, teaming their suits with skinny ties.

Local TV actresses Rui En, Jeanette Aw and Jacelyn Tay have also opted for variations of this androgynous look.

But they are a minority among Singapore women who prefer safe sartorial choices.

Source: The New Paper

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22 December 2010 | 02:02 pm

Anti-Drink Driving Campaign 2010

It All Slips Away, performed by Rui En

Places you’ve been
People you love
It’s unforgiving
To choose to lose it all
The life that you wished for
The joy you will feel
It all slips away
It all slips away

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