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27 October 2015 | 07:48 pm

Neo Lirong

Celebrity stylist

When she’s not busy booking red-carpet outfits for clients like actress Rui En and actor Romeo Tan, Lirong keeps an eye out for statement pieces to anchor her #ootds.

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27 September 2015 | 01:06 pm

Tonglin captures our hearts again.

First up, a family shot of Tonglin and Jason’s parents has gone viral with close to 25K likes on Facebook. Seems like everyone loves seeing a happy family portrait. Are you one of them too?

By the way, do take note that the debut date for “The Dream Makers 2” has been revised to 4 December 2015.

靓媳妇儿见过家翁、家婆咯!󾌴 #方彤琳 #fangtonglin #ruien #zzsf2"The Dream Makers 2" debuts in December 2015.

Posted by Rui En on Monday, September 21, 2015

In case you missed our shout-out yesterday, Rui En’s at Melbourne now! She hits the ground running, filming for “The Dream Makers 2” immediately after landing.

So hopefully all’s smooth for filming and Rui En can have a good rest! Enjoy the fresh air & starry nights.

Rui En's off to Melbourne for "The Dream Makers 2". Bon voyage & may filming be smooth sailing! Be safe & enjoy the…

Posted by Rui En on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Also, might you have missed out checking on our web last week?

Because…. we shared this Toggle’s article mentioning Zoe Tay’s collectible mirror which has the autographs from the cast of “The Dream Makers 2”, including that of Rui En’s!

Also, Her World did a throwback quote from Rui En on the best beauty advice she has ever gotten. Do you remember reading this too?

Be sure to check out our web periodically for the latest updates since we don’t tweet about all articles and this weekly series focuses more on social media posts. *hint hint*

Till next week!

Bonus: Rui En’s #stunnedlikevegetables v2!

A photo posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

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23 September 2015 | 08:49 am

By Simone Wu

Celebrities, doctors and makeup artists share their most useful beauty tips.

“I have to thank my mother for teaching me about the dangers of UV rays when I was in secondary school. I’ve been protecting my skin since.” – Rui En, actress and L’Oreal Paris brand ambassador

Source: Her World

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31 August 2015 | 05:21 pm

By Eugene Quek

No time, don’t care? Try these tress tamers for damaged dyed hair that’ll deliver results faster than a flash – in three minutes tops, to be precise

Three of the dirtiest D-words when it comes to the world of wigs: Dry, dull and damaged.

Happily, there’s a fast track to salvation for your coloured coiffure. Here’s a terrific trio of #DieDieMustBuy express elixirs to add to your arsenal:

L’Oreal Paris Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Mask, $19.90

If it’s good enough for lovely L’Oreal luminary Rui En, it’s good enough for me! This intensely invigorating salve smells like swanky vanilla ice cream, and comes chock-full of cuticle-sealing oils that lend my locks a souped up shine that’s well nigh salon-grade in sheen.

To apply, warm up the product in your palms, then work it in from the tips, massaging all the way to the mid-shaft. And while you’re meant to rinse off this mask after three minutes or so, I’ve found that it’s also perfect as a heat-protective shield for a trendy “wet” look.

Use a paper towel to sponge off any mask residue, then blow-dry with a diffuser until your head is almost but not quite bone-dry, then grab a comb and run it through your tresses, separating the strands into inch-length sections. When you’re done, ditch the comb and use your fingers to muss up the ends, twisting and twirling at random. Voila! Wet-look hair achievement level unlocked with the aid of just one product.

Source: Toggle

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13 August 2015 | 04:10 pm

By Cheng Jee Yan

See what your favourite Asian stars wore recently, from Rui En’s flirty DVF dress to Shu Qi’s breathtaking Valentino couture gown.

Image: Diane von Furstenberg

1. Rui En

Known for her cool and ‘icy’ demeanor, I was pleasantly surprised to see Rui En sporting this adorable and flirty Diane von Furstenberg number for her gig at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I love how she keeps the look edgy with a pair of knee-high gladiator sandals. Psst … If you are interested in ‘twinning’, this dress will be available in stores from September onwards!

Source: Her World Singapore

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22 May 2015 | 04:07 pm

By Eugene Quek

Singapore small screen princess and L’Oréal Paris Haircare campaign frontrunner Rui En gets into a hairy situation by spilling all of her insider beauty secrets, including what aesthetic procedures she’ll consider going under the knife for!

Being blessed with a mien that’s molded from porcelain (not to mention tresses that tumble like Rapunzel’s) must come in very handy when you’re the first Singaporean face for L’Oréal Paris’ skincare-slash-makeup campaigns – for the third year and counting, to boot. Gongxi!

Here are some tantalising tidbits we’ve discovered about our mane maiden of the hour:

And the award for Best Hair on a dude goes to … This two-time Best Actress champ at the annual Singapore Star Awards doesn’t suffer fools (or foolish questions, for that matter).

When pressed to nominate a male co-star with the strongest hair game in real life, Rui En’s rejoinder is deliciously tart: “Sorry, I haven’t really been paying attention.” Okay then, duly noted!

Speaking of awards, you have Rui En’s glam squad to thank for her acting accolades. Intriguingly, Rui En says her hair plays a plum role in getting into the psyche of a character: “Hair is an incredibly vital part of imaging. Colour and cut contribute towards the character. I consider it one of the most important elements in shaping a role.”

Obligatory shout-out: You can catch Rui En in all her mane glory on tellie in the on-going The Worlds of Georgette Chen, a three-part docu-drama on the eponymous artist.

She’s all about lubing up. Her lifesaver for thinning tresses? Take it from the lush-locked lass herself: “Use a leave-on oil after showering and before styling your hair to protect it from heat and styling products. I use the Leave On Oil Serum from Total Repair 5 to help with damage and dryness. I also use a hair mask regularly; I’ve been using the Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask once every three days.”

This star likes to shine. Oh, and her obsession with oils spills over onto the red carpet too, where she says she likes letting her hair down: “The Extraordinary Oil Gold works great by instantly smoothing frizziness and giving shine [when it’s let down for public appearances].” Spoken like a true brand ambassador. As far as best beauty practices are concerned, though, this is as good as it gets!

And as for those plastic surgery rumours … Catty industry commentators have long murmured about the provenance of Rui En’s eggshell-smooth forehead, but the actress insists she’s a proponent of “natural” beauty – and we’re inclined to believe her.

To wit: “What’s the point of being unhappy with something you can’t change? Sure, you can change a lot nowadays. But life is about so much more than that.” That’s some #QOTD-worthy stuff right there!

Source: Her World Singapore

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17 May 2015 | 01:19 pm

By Hong Xinying

Local stars Rui En, Romeo Tan and more were seen amongst the stylish throng at Singapore Fashion Week on Day 4 which featured New York designer Thakoon Panichgul, e-retailers Zalora and Love, Bonito, plus lots of dresses you can shop online soon too.


Fann Wong, Zoe Tay were there when Love, Bonito showed its Julien Fournie collab line; so it was no surprise to see another star-studded outing at this runway showing too.

(L-R): Indonesian couture designer Tex Saverio, Viola Tan, Rui En and Rachel Lim. Image: Love, Bonito

Rui En made a fashionably late entrance just before the show started. But not without making a group shot with Love, Bonito co-founders Viola Tan, Rachel Lim and Indonesian couture designer Tex Saverio of course.

Source: Her World Singapore

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16 May 2015 | 12:52 am

Get hair like Rui En’s

The award-winning local actress-singapore tells Carina Koh the secrets to her soft, silky locks.

What’s your haircare routine like?

“Apart from the usual shampoo and conditioner – I use L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo and Repairing Conditioner – I use a leave-in treatment with heat-protecting benefits daily.

I also indulge in a hair mask once every three days to repair damage caused by the heat styling that my hair is subjected to on production sets every day – my favourite is L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask, which makes my hair shinier and more resistant to breakage. These products have made my hair a lot smoother.”

Do you have any must-have hair products?

“Hair masks, leave-in treatments and shampoos that leave my hair feeling clean but not stripped of moisture.”

What’s the best advice you’ve received from a hairstylist?

“Go for regular hair-steaming treatments – they supposedly leave hair stronger, softer and more hydrated.”

What Rui En has been up to lately

This two-time Best Actress winner – well deserved, we say – at the Star Awards (a local awards ceremony that recognises outstanding talents in Mandarin television) has a lot to rejoice about this year.

She’s not only fronting skincare and makeup campaigns for L’Oreal Paris – for the third consecutive year – but is also the new face for the brand’s Total Repair 5 range (other celebrities who have fronted L’Oreal Paris campaigns include Li Bingbing, Aishwarya, Rai Bachchan and Lea Michele).

Catch the 34-year-old actress in two upcoming television shows: The Worlds of Georgette Chen, a three-part docudrama in which she plays local pioneer artist Georgette Chen, and The Journey: Our Homeland (airs in July on Channel 8), in which she plays a bubbly nurse with a flair for Chinese opera.

Source: Her World Singapore

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27 April 2015 | 08:30 pm

Star Awards 2015

(Pic Credits: Lianhe Wanbao)

Awww~ @iampierrepng & #Ruien at the Instastop! Do u remember what drama they coupled in before? #2015starawards #mystorysg #tapmeBe sure to catch the repeat telecast if you've missed Star Awards 2015!10th May 2015, Sunday, Channel 81 – 2.30pm: Red Carpet Walk of Fame2.30 – 5.30pm: Star Awards Show 25.30 – 6.30pm: Post-Show Party

Posted by Channel 8 on Sunday, 26 April 2015


8 Days #1280

Channel 8

Pierre Png & Rui En at the Instastop!

Channel NewsAsia

Star Awards 2015 Show 2 Winners List


I Weekly #913

Shin Min 上周颁奖露黑脸 瑞恩昨晚‘变脸’全程笑


Style stunners

Star Awards 2015: Who Won What

The most memorable quotes from 2015 Star Awards


Best of Star Awards 2015 Show 2

Star Awards 2015: Show 2 Winners List
《红星大奖2015》第二场颁奖礼 得奖名单

Star Awards 2015 Show 2: On the Red Carpet

10 best moments on Instagram at Star Awards 2015
《红星大奖2015》加利谷星光大道 众星10大搞怪表情

Five new faces grace the SA2015 Top 20
陈泂江失意“十大” 瑞恩戚玉武明年上神台

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红地毯之最 权怡凤百搭获胜?!


HOT OR NOT: Star Awards 2015 Show 2

What you didn’t see on TV at Star Awards 2015 Show 2

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What is the thing that Rui En enjoy most during Star Awards? 瑞恩在《红星大奖》最享受的事是…

The New Paper

Star Awards 2015


瑞恩自认不笑脸很黑: 无法改变 除非整形


《红星大奖2015》上周黑脸 瑞恩以‘笑脸’道歉

Star Awards 2015 – Best Dressed

Her World

The 10 best dressed stars at Star Awards 2015


Best-Dressed Female At The Star Awards 2015

The New Paper

Check out the misses (and rare hits) of the Star Awards

The Worlds of Georgette Chen

Channel 8 News

瑞恩自比先驱画家张荔英 我行我素一样不爱笑

Channel NewsAsia

Rui En steps into the shoes of iconic artist Georgette Chen in new docudrama


Rui En’s special moment with Van Gogh

The Straits Times

Painting the life of Georgette Chen


演绎先驱画家张荔英 瑞恩叹现今真爱难寻

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