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The Dream Catchers


Rui En (Lin Jia Qi), Elvin Ng (Sato), Shaun Chen (Jiang Cheng Feng), Jesseca Liu (Lin Jia Le), Paige Chua (Zhang Xiao Wei), Eelyn Kok (Li Shan Shan), Nat Ho (Lin Jia Jie), Liu Qianyi (Lin Guo Dong), Dawn Yeoh (Wang Pei Pei), Tay Ping Hui (Wang Zhi Wei), Zhang Zhenghuan (Hu Yuan Jing), Lin Meijiao (Cai Ai Li)

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Lin Jia Le, Lin Jia Qi, Wang Zhi Wei and Jiang Cheng Feng are four engineers from different domains with the same dream of creating a better future for mankind, whilst also searching the world for their ideal other half. Would their dreams ever be materialised?

The Dawn of Dreams

Jia Qi (Rui En) is a diehard romantic whose Mr Right is yet to be found. That is, until she meets Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng had gone to repair the air-conditioner at Jia Qi’s office and had accidentally caused her to sprain her ankle. Out of goodwill, he sends the injured Jia Qi to her art class. The sketch model is absent and to get back at Cheng Feng, Jia Qi volunteers him for the job. Not knowing that he needs to pose naked, Cheng Feng impulsively gets goaded into accepting it. Their first encounter leaves a deep impression, and also paves the way for romance to creep into their lives.

Dreams Take Flight

Cheng Feng is attracted by Jia Qi’s independence and starts to court her. Just as Jia Qi thinks that she has found her Mr Right, her happiness is marred by the appearance of Cheng Feng’s ex-fiancee, Shan Shan, who not only sells her house to tide Cheng Feng’s father through his financial difficulties, but also feigns to be terminally ill (cancer) in an attempt to win Cheng Feng back.

Not wanting to be embroiled in a love triangle, Jia Qi accepts her company’s arrangement to send her to Japan for training with Sato. To prove his single-heartedness, Cheng Feng resolutely leaves everything behind to accompany Jia Qi on her trip. There seems to be a glimmer of hope for their relationship.

Obstacle-ridden Dreams

On the day of planned departure, Shan Shan appears suddenly to stop Cheng Feng from leaving with Jia Qi. This results in a traffic accident which leaves Shan Shan paralysed from waist down. Cheng Feng thus could not make it to the airport and Jia Qi leaves in disappointment.

During the training stint in Japan, Sato takes extremely good care of Jia Qi and this moves her greatly; however deep inside her, Jia Qi still can’t forget Cheng Feng. Cheng Feng decides to look Jia Qi up in Japan upon realising Shan Shan’s devious machinations. Just as Jia Qi thinks that they have finally seen the last of Shan Shan, Cheng Feng receives a call that puts their relationship to test. Jia Qi is disappointed once again…

The Realisation of Dreams

Shan Shan’s sabotage causes Cheng Feng’s father’s company to close down. Unable to take the blow, Cheng Feng’s father dies of heart attack. At around this time, Cheng Feng realises that Jia Qi has chosen Sato over him. The double-blow causes Cheng Feng to become despondent and dispirited. At his mother and Jia Qi’s persistent encouragement, however, Cheng Feng picks himself up again and successfully invents a much anticipated medical product, thus restoring his father’s reputation. He wants to share this joy with Jia Qi at first instance, but is shocked to realise that she has chosen to leave for Japan with Sato. He gives chase. At the airport, he finds her and attempts to make her stay. Jia Qi is torn between the two men in her life.

Through the many obstacles, would the relationships of the four youngsters be able to weather the storm? Who would they finally end up with? Would their dreams be realised?

Source: Mediacorp


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Channel 8

The Dream-Catchers

(Year 2009)

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