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No Problem


Lu Rui En (Jessica), Chen Han Wei (Bao Jin Fu), Richard Low (Bao Zhongnan), Li Yinzhu (Yang Ahjiao), Chen Liping (Bao Jin Lian), Xie Shaoguang (Kang Zhongxian), Andrea De Cruz (Zhu Liye), Rayson Tan (Bao Jin Lu)

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Bao Zhong Nan (Liu Qianyi)and his wife Yang Ah Jiao ( Li Yinzhu)own Nan Bo Wang rice dumpling shop. His wife is famous for her record time in wrapping rice dumplings. The old couple has 3 children.

Jin Lian (Chen Liping) the submissive housewife, is their eldest daughter. With little education and no ambition, the simple-minded Jin Lian kisses the ground that her chauvinistic husband Kang Zhong Xian (Xie Shaoguang) treads.

The family of 4 (they have 2 daughters) faces a crisis when Zhong Xian resigns from his company, refusing to take a pay cut. The proud one refuses to listen to his family’s advice to upgrade himself or settle for a lower pay. He’d rather laze around at home while Jin Lian is forced to work to pay off their new condominium.

Bitter with his ‘predicament’, Zhong Xian starts a love affair with his children’s dance teacher while the erstwhile muddle-headed Jin Lian paves a career path for the sake of her family.

Bao Jin Lu (Rayson Tan) is a soft-spoken Mr Nice Guy who married a rich man’s daughter Zhu Li Ye (Andrea De Cruz). Educated, modern and has borne a son for the Bao family, the haughty Li Ye is of the opinion that she’s superior to Jin Lian in every way.

Like most mothers here, Jin Lian and Li Ye want their children to excel academically. The simple Jin Lian thinks tons of tonics should do the work which explains her 2 overweight daughters. Li Ye, on the other hand, puts her son on endless tuitions.

In order to enrol her son in a prestigious school, Li Ye reluctantly suggests the entire Bao family pool their resources and move into an expensive condominium near the school to increase their chances of enrolment. And everyone knows that spells more troubles.

As for the baby of the family, Jin Fu (Chen Hanwei)has been helping out in the family business ever since he finished his A’levels. His longtime girlfriend Jessica (Lu Rui En) is a driven property agent who often pushes him to go for all sorta improvement courses to upgrade himself. A happy-go-lucky guy, Jin Fu goes with her biddings to please her.

Under Jessica’s arrangement, Jin Fu becomes a car salesman where he meets the neurotic and quarrelsome Sun Feng Xi (Ivy Lee). However, as the pair get to know each other’s background better, their impression of each other improves and they soon fall in love…


Source: MediaCorp


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Last modified on 14 August 2011