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A Toast of Love


Rui En (Angela Sun Yujia), Dasmond Koh (Yang Jierong), Richard Low (Sun Yongfa), Hong Huifang (Pan Jinglian), Chen Huihui (Huang Huifen), Lin Meijiao (Stella Sim)

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A spin-off from highly popular drama Vive La Famille, A Toast of Love is a dramedy which revolves around a kaya eatery.

Head of the family and taxi-driver Yongfa stumbles upon Jinglian’s homemade kaya and discover that it is on par if not better than the ones sold in the market.

Convinced that he has a recipe for success in his hands, Yongfa has the brilliant idea of setting up a cafe with Jinglian selling bread, tea and coffee. Lacking in capital, Yongfa approaches sworn enemies Stella and Huifen to invest. They do so unknowingly and ends up quarelling. The cafe is finally set up but as expected the two do not get along and are often their squabbles and constant bickering are fodder for comedy.

In comes yet another pair of arch enemies – Yongfa’s eldest daughter Angela, an idealistic, rebellious young lady played by singer-actress Rui En and Jierong, the cafe’s newly-employed waiter played by Dasmond Koh. A Mr-Nice-Guy, Jierong impressed Jinglian with his honesty when he returned her envelope containing thousands of dollars! However, Jierong started on the wrong foot with Angela when he is mistaken for a lecher!

The madcap cast is joined by Chen Tianwen who plays macho physical education teacher Wu Guanhui Steven who is gasp, a crybaby at heart! Cast against type is also Nick Shen who plays the psychotic admirer of a much older Huifen.

Each week, artistes such as Edmund Chen, Jeff Wang, Jaime Teo, Priscelia Chan, Michelle Liow, Alan Tern, Zzen Zhang and Liu Qiulian will drop in at the kaya shop as a guest stars.


Source: MediaCorp


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Last modified on 14 August 2011