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11 October 2003 | 06:14 pm

11 October 2003


IT’S tough playing a joker on TV, trying your darndest to make people laugh.

Succeed and you get lauded with praises such as ‘natural’ and ‘gifted’.

But, just go slightly overboard and you’ll be labelled ‘exaggerated’ or ‘fake’.

It’s a fine line to tread, but seasoned actor Liu Qianyi has shown it is possible.

Good actors, though, are essential – which this dramedy has no lack of.

Other co-stars like newbie Rui En and deejay Dasmond Koh do passably well to generate laughter too.

But still, no one does it better than the veteran Qianyi.

A Toast Of Love is showing on Channel 8 on Saturdays at 9pm.

Source: The New Paper

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