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15 June 2004 | 10:00 am

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11 November 2003 | 06:43 pm

11 November 2003

LU RUI En is one lucky young woman.

She first brought out the green-eyed monster in us by playing Jay Chou’s girlfriend in his music video, and later, the love interest of Howard Cheung, her hunky Chemistry co-star.

And in the updated version of homegrown candid camera show Gotcha – which premieres on Ch 5 tonight – the Singaporean actress-singer shares hosting duties with Brothers 4 cutie, Soo Kui Jien.

So is Rui En, 22, beside herself at such good fortune?

She protested: ‘I wouldn’t want to get excited about these things!

‘It’s unprofessional to get into that groupie mentality, because I don’t think you can work very well. I think I would have just died with Jay Chou then!’

She said of Kui Jien, 31: ‘Our chemistry is very different from what I had with Howard. I’m more pally and comfortable with Jien, he’s like a big brother.


‘But he thinks I’m one of the most violent girls in Singapore!’

To that, Kui Jien deadpanned: ‘She likes smacking me, she says it’s a sign of affection.’

Naughty Rui En even tried to pull her own prank on him, by throwing a tantrum and storming off when he was late for work.

She recalled: ‘But the (Gotcha) producers kept putting a wet blanket on it. They probably have something in store for us.’

We think the real surprise would be if the comely couple were indeed an item.

But Rui En scotched such talk, saying: ‘He’s been in this line for a long time, so he knows better than to make things awkward by getting involved.

‘Anyway, he’s quite scared of me, so I don’t think he’d want to!’

But Kui Jien quipped that ‘there is a possibility’.’

We made a pact that when we’re 76, and if we don’t find anybody else, we’re going to hook up.’

Hmm, is that a joke?

He’s a really nice, joker/comedian type of guy. And I like his bright, radiant smile … But he thinks I’m one of the most violent girls in Singapore!
– Actress-singer Lu Rui En on Gotcha co-host Soo Kui Jien

Source: The New Paper

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