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15 November 2021 | 12:32 pm
Happy 13th Anniversary, RBKD!

Dear RBKD members, we really missed you.

Last year when we met in individual groups of five, it made us miss each other even more & we secretly promised ourselves, “never mind, next year”.

The next year has arrived, and it’s gonna be another next year.

It’s tough, ‘cos RBKD has always been about us coming together. We can meet 1-1 with everyone but still, nothing beats us all coming together, catching up with one another.

But so long as we stay around, there will always be the next weareone.

While we might not be able to meet up this year, we can choose to let this love continue. Annual Giving is nothing new. We do it every year, whether or not we mention it.

In celebration of RBKD’s 13th Anniversary – weareone13, we give to show our appreciation.

So this year, we are starting a small fundraising campaign via, for ComChest. A target of $101 is set because a donation of $101 traditionally symbolizes a little something from all of us in RBKD + Rui En.

If you would like to, you are invited to join us to show a little love by donating via our campaign, to ComChest.

Donate here.

Administered by which is under NVPC, 100% fund goes to ComChest. For those who are paying tax, there’s tax receipts too. So, why not?

A little love goes a long way.

Happy 13th Birthday, RBKD! See you around! ❤️🎂

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