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05 August 2021 | 03:41 pm
Mothership: Rui En announces departure from Hype Records in first-ever Instagram post

By Mandy How

RBKD: Rui En finally has an Instagram account @wilderseas29 and has gained more than 10,000 followers within three hours.

“Vehemently against” having social media

Rui En, who has been “vehemently against” the idea of having social media previously, shared that recent events, such as the loss of her cat and her father suffering a heart attack, on top of the Covid-19 pandemic, has given her cause to rethink.

She wrote: “Then all the grief, loss and Covid happened, and I started thinking of mortality. I realized that if I looked back at the end of my life, a major regret would be having a platform but not using it to help others.”

In her first post, the actress also shared that she has left Artiste Networks, Hype Records’ artiste management arm, after about two decades.

Source: Mothership

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