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08 February 2021 | 08:56 pm
8 Days: Rui En Tries To Learn Soccer From Elvin Ng, Fails, Then (Spoiler Alert!) Comes Out Victorious

By Tammi Tan

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RBKD: 8 Days features the third episode of variety show Dare To Try, where Rui En meets up with Elvin Ng for lessons in Tabata and soccer.

In particular, 8 Days picks out Elvin’s football crash course for Rui En as the highlight of the video, which included several entertaining moments, such as Rui En’s failed attempts at aiming to score a goal (resulting in Elvin dramatically collapsing to the ground in desperation), and Rui En “screaming, laughing, and scurrying around” while playing a game with Elvin and his friends.

Source: 8 Days, TODAY

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