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05 January 2021 | 08:20 pm
Acting and Ad Libbing

By Rui En

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Am so happy to hear that some people are enjoying Mister Flower. When I look at my watching choices nowadays for example The Matrix (for the twentieth time) and Why Him? I would say that Flower falls squarely in the same category of “Please Help Me Forget About Covid For Just One Hour!”.

I can’t describe how much joy comedic roles give me, especially one like Chen Da Tian, because a role like this gives me so much room to ad lib vs for example, a lawyer role. As a male in a female body role, I’m allowed to be alot more “chor lor” and free than normal. It was very common for me to end up in a heap of giggles on the floor once the director yelled cut.

When I was filming in this role, at any time in a take, I would do something completely spur of the moment and unexpected, leaving my costars amd the camera man to react organically and spontaneously. There have been situations where I have delivered the same line differently in every take. I would say that there are two sorts of actors, the ones who enjoy the spontaneity, and those who prefer everything to be rehearsed. No right or wrong, just a matter of choice. However my favorite actors I have worked with, have always surprised me during a take, leading to a very organic and truthful response from me. I’ve always felt that acting was more about responding than performing, especially when acting with great actors.

Most importantly, the camera man has to be ready for all these surprises. The ones who have worked with me thru my career are used to it and fantastically flexible. There was one sequence at the lobby of the office building in episode two where I was spying on Julie and Elvin. The camera man Ah Bee after finishing one take laughed that he managed to follow, but that perhaps the audience would be left sea sick. The next generation Xiao Xiong and Ah Jun also followed flawlessly.

Were you aware that Tom Holland’s line “I don’t wanna go.” In Avengers : Infinity War was ad libbed?

Mister Flower 花花公子 is now airing on Channel 8 at 9pm from Mondays to Fridays.

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