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18 December 2020 | 11:30 pm
AsiaOne: Tomboyish Rui En on her new girly role: ‘I really don’t like it personally’

By Qistina Bumidin

RBKD: In an interview with AsiaOne, Rui En recounts her experiences in having to portray three different characters in Mister Flower. Rui En describes the challenges in playing Hong Ling’s character Chen Xueli, having to constantly change her make-up and clothes between scenes, as well as having fun while filming an intimate scene with Julie Tan’s character.

The article also mentions Rui En’s variety show Dare To Try, in which she experiences the lifestyle of guest celebrities.

Mister Flower 花花公子 premieres 31 December 2020 (Thursday), Weekdays 9pm on Channel 8

Source: AsiaOne

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