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21 February 2020 | 06:32 pm
Paying Tribute to Frontline Heroes

Message from Rui En:

I learnt awhile ago that I can’t control the things that happen to me in life, but I can control my reaction to it. I can choose to be paralysed by fear and anxiety about getting a virus, locking myself at home, or I can take the required precautions and continue life in a safe, measured way.

Similarly, we can allow fear to hold us hostage, resulting in ungracious behaviour towards front line health workers, or we can choose to lift them up as heroes and show them how much we appreciate them.

The news articles about nurses being shunned on public transport were followed in quick succession by new articles about families sending nurses breakfast, and corporations treating them to a meal, or arranging safe transportation for them. News about diminishing blood bank supplies was met with overwhelming response and crowds at blood donation centres. I read all these articles with tears in my eyes.

In a world where distrust, ugliness and hate are pervasive, Singaporeans have triumphed by letting LOVE have the last laugh. Me and RBKD sent these care packages to the front line health workers and cleaners because we wanted them to know that they are loved as heroes.

For helping me put together this initiative seemingly overnight, thank you Xinyi. All the RBKD members who packed the care packages over 2 long sessions, I really appreciate you. My gor (who wrote a 100 notes in Chinese), his group of friends, and members who did handwritten notes for the health workers. The friends and fans who donated funds when they could not afford the time. The sponsors who came in so generously with items.

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