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26 May 2019 | 01:22 pm
RBKD: How long has it been?

By Rui En

I can’t remember the last time I did a roadshow. I find it alot of fun leh. Perhaps it’s the company. I adore the whole cast.

Even though my face is aching and cramping, I’m so grateful and touched to see the people in black, the hugs everyone gave me and the words of encouragement whispered.

The cast was so surprised by the flowers.

“Big budget leh”, Xubin exclaimed at the sunflowers. Houren da ge said he never got flowers before and was touched. I was so proud to tell them my fanclub leaves no man behind.

Yes, I just finished GOT season 8 finale which is why my hair is like that. Don’t laugh. In my mind I AM the mother of dragons. The cast called me a xian nü when they saw me, none of the older ones know what GOT is and I had to show them photos. They laughed at me.

What a fantastic day. Enjoy the show!

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