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24 March 2019 | 03:45 pm
Download: Wallpapers for “Hello From The Other Side” (ft. Rui En)

Thank you everyone for your support and love towards “Hello From The Other Side”.

To show our appreciation, we are sharing with you the official posters of “Hello From The Other Side” (courtesy of Mediacorp Channel 8) for you to use it as the wallpaper on your favourite devices.

Hope you like these and will continue to #supportruienonch8.

Last 7 episodes remaining, watch it on both TV Channel 8 & Toggle/RBKD!

Poster Featuring Rui En:

 photo 31317427-5E9E-4584-8ED9-E0EBFE5A2800.jpg

 photo D76B826F-DC91-4BC5-B578-22A100CDE7FD.jpg  photo DB524C85-2E7D-4856-BE2C-A451C6DA5CAC.jpg

To Download: Vivid | Original | Retro

All-Stars Poster:

 photo BEDC9259-A84F-4334-BACF-6CDA64806A84.jpg

 photo 7DECC905-8F6B-41AC-82B8-936EC35B5CAF.jpg  photo CA399B1A-81C9-41FA-BCD1-111E1F98F1C9.jpg

To download: Original | Vivid | Dramatic Cool

Mobile Wallpapers (ft. Rui En):

 photo 427C8EAA-46B0-4F4C-A652-0FC8F9453BE3.jpg  photo 7B324493-A4AE-4484-A4A9-E807FFE8869A.jpg  photo 17716B07-4E7B-4342-B18A-69C47681FB31.jpg

To download:
Original – Galaxy Note 8 | iPhone X/XS
Vivid Cool – Galaxy Note 8 | iPhone X/XS
Light Cross – Galaxy Note 8 | iPhone X/XS

All image rights belong to Mediacorp Pte. Ltd. and should not be reproduced for commercial use or for profit. Please contact Mediacorp directly for clarification and right of use.

To view all available episodes online, please click here.

We hope that you will enjoy the show and Rui En’s acting on both TV Ch8 & online (via RBKD/Toggle). Last 7 episodes, enjoy it!

Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差 is now airing on Channel 8 at 9pm from Mondays to Fridays.

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