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15 November 2018 | 12:00 am
weareone: our tenth chapter

10 years is no mean feat.

Like the bricks that maketh the house,
And the sailors who get the ship sailing,
RBKD is about each and every single person,
Whose universe aligned miraculously for us to meet.

From Rui En, to the members, to the fans,
Past and present, now and the future.

It is never a final product,
But always a work in progress.

It is a journey characterised by trust, warmth,
and more so, love.

Not an easy one,
But certainly a worthy one.

To friendship, to camaraderie, to RBKD & to Rui En.

Happy 10th Anniversary.

Loving Rui En Since 2008,
Your RBKD.

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