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18 April 2017 | 03:37 pm
8Days: “I Felt Like I Was Monitoring Stocks When Looking At The Results Every Day”

Which of 8 DAYS’ Favourite-est All-Time Fave Artistes said that?


RBKD: It was very nice of 8Days to present lovely bouquets to the Top 5 “Favourite-est” All-Time Favourite Artistes sans Fann Wong at the backstage of Star Awards. We quote the recipient’s’ reaction here.

ZOE TAY: “I’m very happy and surprised at the results ‘cos there are so many All-Time Favourite Artistes on the list now and I want to thank my fans for voting for me. I’m very thankful for their support.”

Huang Biren: “I’m surprised that Jeanette Aw isn’t in the Top Five. How can that be? She has so many fans! When I was looking at the results daily, I felt that I was monitoring stocks (laughs). One day I’m in second place, and another day, I dropped to the fifth place. I really want to thank my fans for voting. I haven’t been in Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes for so long already, so I guess my fans were quite enthusiastic when it came to this!”

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Rui En: “Are you giving me flowers? But I didn’t win right? [Rui En’s manager whispers to her that she came in second in the poll]. Oh! You should have told me! I didn’t know about the poll till my manager told me. But I’m very honoured to be among the legends, and I want to thank my fans who have supported me in big and little ways.”

Xiang Yun: “I still can’t believe that I’ve won [a Top 5 spot]. (Laughs) I’m not from this ‘era’ [of young artistes] anyway. But I’m very grateful that I still have fans who voted for me. It was a pleasant surprise, ’cos I didn’t know I was [in the running] till Zoe [Tay] told me about it and I saw that I was tagged on Instagram.”

Source: 8Days

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