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26 February 2017 | 12:03 pm
8 Days #1376

1. Cover Pages 26-37

By Celine Tan

ft. Andie Chen, Kate Pang, Aden Chen & Avery Chen




RBKD: You know, almost everyone’s gonna ask about Godma En if the kids are on cover/ the subject of interview right? So here goes.

8Days asked if Godma visits often and how’s she faring as Avery’s Godma.

Andie shared that she’s not been visiting very much recently but she brings along gifts and plays with the children during the few occassions she was there.

Kate complimented Rui En for being a nice person, just that she doesn’t goof around. She also added that Rui En’s not fake and not as cold as what others think. She shared that Rui En is very kind-hearted and loving towards children and animals.

Andie added that Rui En’s very open with the family and if others see it, they will see how harmless she is.

These comments are approximately a quarter of a page’s text.

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