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12 October 2016 | 11:33 am
Toggle: Andie Chen: Rui En is a shopaholic! 陈邦鋆: 瑞恩是个购物狂!?

RBKD: This video is shot for the imaging session of “The Lead”, 2017’s mid-year blockbuster starring Rebecca Lim, Julie Tan, Shaun Chen & Andie Chen. Rui En isn’t involved.

Rui En is mentioned because Andie was interviewed, apparently both Aden & Avery are Rui En’s godchildren now because Andie thinks it makes no sense for her to be just godma to one kid, she has to be godma to both kids if she wants to be godma. He shared that Rui En bought many stuff for the godchildren but not the parents and Aden calls her “Godma En En”.

Source: Toggle Chinese | English

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