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26 September 2016 | 10:50 am
TNP: Real-life cops on C.L.I.F: Filming made them nervous

By Elaine Lee

Having acted in the same show as veteran actor Li Nanxing in Heroes in Black when he was just 11 years old, Staff Sergeant Benjamin Cheah, 26, is back on set with him in C.L.I.F. 4.

C.L.I.F. stands for Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness and is airing on Channel 8 on weekdays at 9pm.

When The New Paper spoke to Staff Sgt Cheah over the phone, the community policing officer said he was impressed with Li, 51, for being so patient with him.

Staff Sgt Cheah, who plays Xie Zhao Quan, an investigation officer (IO) from Jurong Division, said: “I had to film this hospital scene with Rui En and Li Nanxing, but I was super nervous and got my lines wrong a few times.

“Instead of getting annoyed, Li Nanxing actually came over and taught me what to say and how to act.”

Source: The New Paper, MyPaper

C.L.I.F. 4 警徽天职 4 is now airing on Channel 8 at 9pm from Mondays to Fridays.

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