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22 July 2016 | 05:33 pm
8Days #1345: A Weighty Issue

Cover Story: A Weighty Issue

Pages 32-39

By Celine Tan

RBKD: Maybe the headline should be this instead:

“Get Real. Time For A Positive Dialogue On Body Shaming, With Rui En.”

Because that’s what this interview is really about: having a positive dialogue with Rui En on body shaming, enjoying her witty replies, with occasional spur of the moment Rui En’s brand of humour.

It’s not about plus-size or otherwise. But being seen, recognised and admired for who you are.

First half of the cover story feature is the writer’s commentary, so only the second half is the interview with Rui En.

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"In a world plagued by a horrific loss of life due to terrorist acts, Trump becoming the Republican [US Presidential]…

Posted by Rui En on Sunday, July 24, 2016

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