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25 April 2016 | 02:24 pm
“Clarification” by Rui En (Pinned)

By Rui En

In case you guys did not know, I puked literally walking in front of the audience, a lot of people saw me vomit into my hands. Yes, too much information but I feel necessary to explain. And before it all starts, no I am not pregnant.

My gastric has taken a turn for the worse due to the stress of the previous events. I am sure you understand the toll stress and pressure can take on one’s physicality.

Leaving was not a matter of being angry at Pornsak’s shade or not winning Best Actress. I wanted to face the press and face the music. I am so happy for Jeanette.

RBKD: When news of Rui En vomiting was made known, we received many “Get well soon” messages and concerned comments on FB too. We were just as worried, so it’s good that Rui En has taken time to update us although she had filming today. We knew she wouldn’t have missed the post-party if she could stay, we were there in the theatre for post party too.

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