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08 April 2016 | 10:36 am
Toggle: Rui En : Dennis didn’t like me in the past! 瑞恩 : 崇庆以前不喜欢我的!

By Joanna Goh

RBKD: Rui En & Zhou Chongqing are nominated for Star Awards 2016’s “Toggle Most Beloved Celebrity BFF Award”. Voting begins on 11 April 2016, 12noon and ends on 24 April 2016, 10pm. The award will be given out during Post-party.

Rui En shared in the interview that not many people can make her laugh besides Chongqing and Aileen Tan, who complained that she was covered in bruises after filming Life is Beautiful with Rui En. She shared that the both of them, especially, can be very obscene and vulgar. As they don’t think before speaking, sometimes my first reaction is to just hit them.

Source: Toggle, Elle

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