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08 August 2015 | 01:11 am
RBKD: We Met Nice People Today

By RBKD President

I was there before daybreak and an elderly came up to me after spotting me with video cameras, sharing that “this place is nicer at 9pm .

Aunties & uncles (aka strangers) approached us to chit-chat when they learned that we were Rui En’s fans. (It was super shiok when they praised Rui En )

NParks’ staff treated us like guests & assisted us on several occasions. And they came up to me twice to express their thanks when we helped them in crowd control.

But it was the rain that made everything sweeter.

Boards before self. That’s RBKD for you.

And even when the rain was pouring, we were looking out for each other. Sheltering each other while someone puts on a poncho or when someone was hiding under jacket etc.

To the selected fans who attended the event with us today, I hope you had a teaser experience of what being a RBKD member is like.

Despite my evacuation calls, members kept coming back whenever the rain “lied” about subsiding, just because some of us were still there guarding.

When the rain washed away our bags, and when our tripod toppled, strangers picked them up on our behalf.

And I saw my members offering our extra ponchos to the crowd-goers around us, and picking up rubbish that weren’t from us. The crowd looked on. Some helped, some smiled. That was good enough.

And then there’s Rui En. She was so worried about our safety after seeing this pic I took.

Bonus video of the mini-flood:

A video posted by Official Fan Club of Rui En (@rbkd) on

This was her “另类对你好” to us, which I have been informed that she had specially chosen it for us for the past two events.

It would have been great if you got to sing your third song if not for the heavy downpour, but it was just as amazing that despite the distance, we still connected.

Thank you for thanking RBKD, “RBKD” just sound especially sweet when you are the one saying it.

And thanks for waving goodbye to us all the way until we were out of your sight.


Enjoy your National Day! 🇸🇬

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