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02 February 2015 | 12:02 pm
MDA: The Broadcast Programme Advisory Committees Annual Report 2014


The Programme Advisory Committees (PACs) are advisory bodies set up by the Media Development Authority (MDA) to provide community feedback on the range and quality of TV and radio programmes, as well as advice on content standards in programmes and advertisements on the broadcast platforms.

There are currently four broadcast PACs, namely the Programme Advisory Committee for English Programmes (PACE), Advisory Committee for Chinese Programmes (ACCESS), Indian Programmes Advisory Committee (IPAC), and Malay Programmes Advisory Committee (MPAC).

The Committees’ Work and New Areas of Focus

For the first time, the PACs conducted combined meetings to discuss common issues that spanned the four languages in order to take a more holistic view on programmes.

Combined PAC Annual Report

The PACs will henceforth issue consolidated annual reports which will highlight common observations across the four committees, capture language specific observations and provide recommendations for the industry and the MDA.


Higher production values, with some progress in standard of research

Within each language, the PACs noted progress in terms of more programmes with higher production values. Members saw more programmes which stood apart from other local productions in terms of higher technical standards, post production values (e.g. visual treatment, effects), better standards of research and/or level of realism in productions.

Several examples were cited. The third season of Channel 8’s police drama, C.L.I.F 3 <<警徽天职 3>>, based on real life police cases, was realistic and had well conceived art direction.

New platforms for PSB

The PACs welcomed the fact that viewers could watch local PSB (Public Service Broadcast) programmes on more platforms such as Toggle and xinMSN.

PAC Choice

The “PAC Choice” takes reference from the concept of “PACE Choice”, which the PACE included as part of their earlier reports to recognise well-made English PSB programmes.

Accordingly, this list features 50 PSB programmes (or local content) across languages identified by members as being well-conceived and produced on the whole. Members responded to areas including creativity and freshness of ideas, presentation format, meaningful subject matter and overall engagement and informative value.

Members intend for the list to serve as an encouragement to the producers and an endorsement of what is regarded as positive examples of quality PSB programmes.

The titles listed below are in no particular order of merit.

Chinese Programmes

C.L.I.F, Season 3 <<警徽天职 3>> (Ch 8, Drama, MediaCorp Studios)

The third season of the police drama was a commendable collaboration between MediaCorp and Singapore Police Force in incorporating true-to-life police cases to deliver realism in the series.

Source: Media Development Authority Singapore

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