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06 April 2013 | 02:19 pm
#SA2013 – 7 reasons why the Toggle Now app is your new BFF

Channel 8 recently relaunched its Toggle Now mobile app for Star Awards 2013. Full of informative trivia and random fun, it was designed to be the gossipy, all-knowing BFF who’s your best SA2013 TV companion!! And guess what, it’s a GREAT app.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Win an iPad mini!
Say whaaat? In the Predict & Win tab, predict the winners of 13 award categories in Show 2. (this includes Best Actor/Actress, Best Variety Host, even Best Drama Serial etc etc) If you get a perfect score, you will stand to win an iPad mini! 5 winners will be chosen.
*You will need a MediaCorp Access ID to login. The contest closes at 6.30pm on 28 Apr (Show 2). Remember, the app will log in your last submitted answers before the contest closes.

2. Award the artistes you think are best-dressed
Previously the Best-dressed awards were solely judged by the professional judges of iWeekly, but now you get to weigh in on this! The Poll tab will open at 7pm on Show 2, and the red carpet looks of 16 nominees (8 male and 8 female, shortlisted by iWeekly) will be shown. Your votes will help determine who wins! [Interim poll results will be shown during Show 2 too!]
*Poll closes at 9.15pm, the awards will be given out during the post-show party on Ch U at 11pm.

3. Truckloads of information for the SA geeks
Forget Wikipedia, this is your new SA bible. Go into the Nominees tab and see all the past winners of each category, and who presented the awards! [Did you know Xie Shao Guang won Best Actor 5 times, and Chen Han Wei comes close with 4? Did you know Tony Leung came to present awards twice, in 1998 and 2002?]
*We included extra exclusive tidbits in the Fave Online categories, where you will hear from the nominees themselves!

4. Trivia, Trivia, Trivia
The Trivia tab gives you A LOT of questions of SA trivia since 1994. If you get stuck, post on FB to ask a friend and you can continue on making a record winning streak! Can you beat the current record of 395??

5. Funny frames
The Star Camera tab is the runaway hit that allows fans to put SA-themed frames over their own pictures. Drama-wise, so far only the Best Drama nominees are included, but more will be released! Users can save to phone, share on FB and Twitter.

6. Twitter Feed
A Twitter waterfall of all tweets containing the official SA hashtag #SA2013. This should be very active on the live shows of 21 and 28 April. For the first time, artistes’ tweets will also be shown on-air during the show!

7. Live backstage content
The Photos and Star Moments tabs are not your usual photos/video feed… Apart from exclusive content from now on, it will be pumped full of LIVE content from our backstage crew during the live shows. This means you get pictures of the artistes’ reactions from off-stage, interviews with foreign artistes from the media corner and all the stuff you never saw on camera!

Source: BaguaTV

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