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29 June 2011 | 06:02 pm
Bloodletting (continued)

Good news is no new injuries so far. Monday went smoothly. First time in my life doing sword fighting and it kicks major ass. I love it so much. Am so in a Crouching Tiger mood at the moment.

So so news is saw another chinese doc for the leg injury and he says as long as I continue doing the fight scenes, the leg will not get better and there will be long term consequences. However pain is gone unless I come down on a bad angle and just aches after sitting for long and standing up.

Big action scenes tonight, tomorrow and day after will be first time doing lion dance – I am the lion head.

Pray hard.


This was first posted in the RBKD Forum on 29th June 2011.

Code of Honour 正义武馆 debuts 5 December 2011 7pm on Channel 8.

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