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26 February 2011 | 11:26 am
ST Life! Mailbag

Referring to the LifeStyle article Top Of The Hill (Feb 20), I thought it was appropriate for Elvin Ng and Rui En (both above) to be crowned king and queen of the new generation of stars at Caldecott Hill.

Both of them have come a long way. Rui En, especially, has a consistently stellar track record. She captured my attention in 2007’s Metamorphosis. I have always appreciated her subtle acting, which is not like the typical overblown portrayals we see on Channel 8.

It is surprising to note that a lesser-promoted name such as Rui En was able to garner such high viewership figures in her drama serials last year. I suppose this translates to the fact that, in the eyes of today’s viewers, heavily promoted names such as Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh do not necessarily guarantee viewership.

Xabryna Kek

I agree that Elvin Ng’s acting has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few dramas he appeared in, such as Together and Breakout. He fully deserves the nomination for Best Actor in the Star Awards. In Breakout, he was totally immersed in the autistic character. Ng himself was obliterated. That is the ultimate success of a skilled performance.

The same cannot be said of Rui En. I think she has a long way to go. Her acting is exaggerated and unnatural.

Patricia Lim

Source: The Straits Times

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