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30 July 2010 | 08:01 pm

I just watched 5 epsiodes of ‘最火搭档 Unriddle’…and this time, I didn’t even press the fast forward button! Yes, it is that good. How good?

It is very pacy…well crafted story-telling style. I like how each episode begins with the event already taken place but quickly drawing us back into the hours or days just before the event…

陈莉萍 Chen Li Ping is marvellous. There’s one scene when there was no dialogue at all and she was hugging the belongings of her father…that brought tears out of me… This is going to be her most lovable character after her Holland V’s classic role to date! Best Actress nomination again…high chance of a sure-get-in position in the Top 5.

瑞恩 Rui En will surprise many in this role…the Executive Producer commented that Rui En reminded him of the young 邓萃雯 and that is a big compliment. You will be impressed by Rui En who played this character well in the grey area. She is also very blessed to be picked in dramas surrounded by some of the best artistes and that also bought out her best…

郑斌辉 Tay Ping Hui may stand a very big chance to grab that Best Actor trophy from 陈汉玮 Chen Han Wei (acted brilliantly in 五福到 and 我在你左右) for his role in Unriddle. It will be a good fight this time round. You can feel the intensity – his pain, guilt and anger and that he did not even need to express through any exaggerated facial expressions or body language. Just pure 眼神… Though he only appeared in the first 4 episodes (another 3 more towards the finale)…he will leave a very deep impression…

The supporting characters are equally fantastic. 陈邦鋆 Andie Chen has certainly proven that he is on the right track to position himself as a 性格派艺人 since we last saw him in ‘The Little Nyonya’. Wang Yu Qing is a complete different person from his 老飞鱼 role in ‘泳闯琴关 No Limits’. Li Wen Hai, Zheng Ge Ping, Brandon Wong, Joshua Ang, Zhang Wei and Zhou Ying also shine in their small roles. Even those who acted as pimps and thugs, they come alive in their roles… Oh well…I only saw the first 5 episodes and there are many more cameo appearances by other stars to come…

For those who will be watching the preview of episode 1 at the Unriddle event tomorrow with the stars…feel free to pen your reviews and share share here yah…

Source: BaguaTV

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29 July 2010 | 09:02 pm

You have seen the shoot photos recently and here’s the final product starring Rui En and Chen Li Ping:

The last TV trailer won’t be the last…I have decided to add another new version to be shot on Saturday for TV telecast. And for those who have played the online riddle game, the stars who have just confirmed their attendance this Saturday are: Rui En, Chen Li Ping, Andie Chen, Shaun Chen, Zheng Ge Ping, Zzen, Priscelia and Brandon Wong.

Source: BaguaTV

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29 July 2010 | 11:14 am

“Let us consider that we are all partially insane.
It will explain us to each other; it will unriddle many riddles; it will make clear and simple many things which are involved in haunting and harassing difficulties and obscurities now.” Mark Twain

I love this and think it is so apt for the show also.

This message was originally posted in RBKD’s forum.

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28 July 2010 | 06:41 pm

By Han Wei Chou | Posted: 28 July 2010 1758 hrs

Rui-En stars as a no-nonsense police detective in the drama serial “Unriddle”.

SINGAPORE: Upcoming Mandarin cop drama “Unriddle” is quite possibly the most action-packed production in the past year and a half, with a ton of fight scenes and gunplay woven into a storyline filled with dirty cops, deranged killers and violent betrayals.

While the show has a very serious theme, behind the scenes, Rui En, who plays a no-nonsense police detective, was laughing her way through most of the shoot because of co-star veteran actress Chen Liping’s infectious laughter.

Rui-En breaks into laughter after listening to co-star Chen Liping’s comments at the “Unriddle” press event.

Rui-En cracks up as Chen Liping brings on the laughs.

“We can be working on very serious lines and she would start laughing. Once you hear her laugh, you will start laughing!

“I almost got internal injuries trying to keep from laughing!” said Rui En at the recent “Unriddle” press event, giggling as Chen looked on in amusement.

Rui En went on to reveal that she had forged a very strong bond with Chen, who plays an informant in the show, although this was the first time they collaborated on a production.

Indeed, the pair was spotted exchanging friendly banter during the press event and playfully nudged each other during a later photo shoot.

“Liping is the most generous artiste that I’ve had the chance to work with. She took care of me from day one.

“She has just been nothing but generous. I have been very blessed for such a very caring [co-star],” said the actress, citing how Chen had even asked her own personal assistant to help Rui En with various tasks.

“It just left a deep impression on me because normally, people who have assistants don’t do that. They pay the person to take care of them.

“I’ve never seen it before, you know, where people [ask their assistants] to help someone else,” said Rui En, looking thoroughly impressed by her co-star’s generosity.

Rui En the Stuntwoman

When the discussion turned to the unusually high number of action scenes in the show, Rui En’s eyes lit up.

The actress proudly declared that she did most of her own stunts in the show, though she would have done them all herself, if she hadn’t suffered a major ankle injury during a fight scene with television veteran Zheng Ge Ping, who plays a crime boss in the series.

She ended up shedding tears of frustration and had to take painkillers for some time during filming.

“I was frustrated that I had a lot more action scenes that I have to do in a compromised state. I hated that because I told myself I am not going to use stuntmen for any of my shots … but because of the injury … some shots [were done] with the stuntmen,” said Rui En, who sounded more than a little disappointed.

Doing your own stunts while nursing an injury? Isn’t that a little hardcore?

“No it isn’t. I believe in being committed hundred percent, even if it’s for just 30 seconds on screen, I have to give like everything I have, if not, I just feel like I am cheating the audience.

“It’s just maybe a month or two of pain but what you film is going to last forever … so to me, it’s worth it,” she replied.

With shooting finally over, Rui En said she is looking forward to take a nice, relaxing break from work, as she had recently run into some “inner ear problems”.

“The doctors said it’s probably because of stress and lack of sleep, so I am going to take it easy,” she said.

“I have become a girly girl … So embarrassing!” said Rui-En, still sporting the hair extensions she got for her role at the “Unriddle” press event.

The actress had been involved in back-to-back drama projects since she played a happy-go-lucky girl in “Happy Family” earlier this year.

“I need a rest,” Rui En said, her face a mixture of weariness and relief.

“Unriddle” airs from August 4, every weeknight at 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: Channelnewsasia

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26 July 2010 | 08:53 pm


(新加坡讯) 针对媒体称当下是“欧白年代”,陈国明说,不要忘了“收视保證”瑞恩!

















Source: Shinmin, ChinaPress

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26 July 2010 | 06:13 pm

Liping’s laughter was the key to defrosting the icy Rui En as the two collaborate for the first time on MediaCorp’s latest drama

陈莉萍 瑞恩

Known as the Ice Princess of Caldecott, one would hardly expect Rui En to hit off well with anyone.

However, it seems that Chen Liping has managed to melt the Ice Queen’s heart.

At the press conference for Unriddle, Liping proudly declared that Rui En is no longer a ‘princess’, but an Ice Queen.

“However, we are the ‘hottest’ partners so the ice has melted already!” joked Liping.

Liping was right about the melting ice: the icy Rui En appeared cheery throughout the press conference and even shared anecdotes.

“She has a really infectious laughter and she goes out of breath when she laughs, which in turn makes me laugh as well,” said Rui En.

陈莉萍 瑞恩

In Unriddle, the two of them take on leading roles as police investigators working as a team to solve crimes. Liping’s role was originally slated to be played by Zoe Tay; however, she had to back out when she got pregnant with her third child.

瑞恩 陈莉萍 最火搭档

Judging from their interactions on the press conference and in the interview with xinmsn,
Liping and Rui En appeared to have gotten on pretty well despite this being their first collaboration.

Contrary to her usually-reserved demeanour, the 29-year-old Rui En frequently cracked jokes and was all praises for Liping.

“Liping took great care of me since the first day; she is the most generous artiste I’ve ever met!”

Rui En went on to explain that Liping had let her personal assistant help out Rui En unconditionally.

瑞恩 陈莉萍 郑斌辉

Liping also complimented Rui En on her acting.

“I thought that she was a good actress when I saw her other works; after working with her, I realize she is better than I thought!”

While Rui En’s With You received positive ratings, Liping’s Your Hand in Mine did not go well with audience.

Both of them explained that audience response is not within their control and they can only do their own best.

“As performers we just concentrate on doing our scenes and doing our own job well. That’s all we can do.”

瑞恩 陈莉萍

Source: Xinmsn

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25 July 2010 | 10:35 pm

1. Scene & Heard Page 24

Riddle Me This, Unriddle Me That

The stars of Ch 8’s latest crime drama, Unriddle, tell us the riddles that puzzle them. We try our best to provide answers.

Rui En

“Why do guys pay so much attention to their hair? It puzzles me. They pretend to be so garang, but they’re actually so vain.”

2. Feature Pages 38 – 44

Are you an Ordinary or Priority Member?

Idol Worship by Jonathan Fam

A couple of posters of Rui En or Joanne Peh on your wall don’t qualify you as a die-hard fan, at least not according to these fan clubs that expect nothing less than complete devotion to their patron star from members. Here’s the low-down on six local fan clubs.

In praise of… Rui En (Page 38)

Name of FC: RBKD

Established: In 2008.

Slogan: “Traversing the road less traveled, lux veritas” (Roughly translated as ‘light and truth’) as suggested by Rui En.

Prove your loyalty: “Every member writes her a letter every second Friday of the month. By the way, when will she appear on your cover again? It’s already been a year.”

(More on RBKD in 8 Days)

3. Television Page 109, 119


4. Spoilers (Synopses) Pages 122 – 123

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25 July 2010 | 10:17 pm

1. Starbuzz Page 24



陈莉萍雪山也融化,欲瑞恩拍戏拍出了默契,正好与剧名相呼应。现场焦点停留在两人好一阵子,陈莉萍无厘头杀出一句:“所以现在应该怎么end呢?我想到了,世界杯是Paul的天下,我们宣传部也有一个Paul(指高层陈国明)。” 迎来全场哄堂。

2. TV Listing Page 79

04/08《最火搭档》晚上9.00 8频道

3. TV Synopses Pages 86 – 87 (without Rui En’s picture)

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23 July 2010 | 06:19 pm








“很痛啊,痛到全身顿时麻痹,之后就感觉到疼痛,但还是忍痛拍摄。我很少在人前流泪,我当时哭不是因为痛,而是我自己要求加戏,结果却受伤,接下来又有很多场打戏要拍,所以我很pek chek(气愤)。”


不要叫瑞恩公主,她是ice queen

新加坡“哎哟哟”陈莉萍成功将“冰山劈开”,与瑞恩第一次合作,她说:“不要叫瑞恩公主,她是‘ice queen’。(冰天女皇)。”











Source: Wanbao, Shin Min, ChinaPress

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