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29 April 2010 | 05:26 pm
Rui En distraught from crying too much

The many crying scenes in With You left her crazy, scared and sick

For the first time in her career, Rui En cried through many of her scenes in upcoming Channel 8 drama With You. If she wasn’t sobbing, chances are her character was still at least grieving.

And it took its toll.

The actress known for her frosty front revealed that filming for the show put her emotions into tailspin, creating an-almost split personality and made her sick.

After her wacky turn in the Chinese New Year drama Happy Family, Rui En will soon be seen as a mother-of-one who loses her husband (played by Chen Hanwei) to a road accident in With You.

In an interview with xinmsn, she said having to cry and maintain a sense of sorrow throughout much of the filming was exhausting and made her sick. The method thespian, who said she has never lost anyone dear to her, used shouting and wailing to get herself into character and even discussed extensively with the director how to refrain from bawling pointlessly.

“That feeling was simply too scary,” the ice queen said about reaching reel breaking point.

“I’ve never been like that. Also, after work I had to ensure I stopped being sad. It might not be very healthy,” she considered seriously.

Rui En played the gullible, good-natured Yang Xiaodong in Happy Family and has just started filming for cop drama Unriddle, in which she stars as a tough anti-hero, Hu Xiaoman.

With just about a month of rest in among the three vastly different roles, the 29-year-old reckons she’s almost schizophrenic, “Now I feel I’m going crazy! Physically I’m feeling a little tired too.”

The actress counts Academy Award-winning French diva Marion Cotillard as the person she looks up to. Although she feels she might never reach the skill level of the 34-year-old star of La Vie en Rose, Taxi and Nine, her With You co-stars might not agree.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Asian screen king Adrian Pang called her abilities “scary”, while Hanwei labeled her a “crying goddess”.

Veteran actor Chen Shucheng even named her in the company of acclaimed local actresses Huang Biren and Ivy Lee, all of whom, he said, could cry “beautifully” and reflect the demands of the scenes’ context.

With You debuts 12 May, 9pm on Channel 8.

Source: xinmsn English, Yahoo

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