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20 March 2010 | 06:42 pm

By Charlene Chua

So what’s the buzz surrounding this year’s nominees?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much, seeing that there were no shocks or surprises with the unveiling of the yawn-worthy lists.

This year, two MediaCorp princesses – Fiona Xie and Dawn Yeoh – are missing from the list, leaving Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Rui En and Jesseca Liu to battle it out.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Nominees
Ann Kok
Belinda Lee
Felicia Chin
Hong Huifang
Jeanette Aw
Jesseca Liu
Jin Yin Ji
Joanne Peh
Kym Ng
Lin Meijiao
Michelle Chia
Michelle Chong
Pan Ling Ling
Pei Xuan
Priscelia Chan
Quan Yifeng
Rui En
Vivian Lai
Xiang Yun
Yvonne Lim

Source: The New Paper

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19 March 2010 | 08:34 pm

Who is making Rui En and Adrian Pang so angry that they are throwing water balloons?!

Stay tune for more updates on the new drama “With You”, which will debut in May after “New Beginnings”.

Source: 8gg

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19 March 2010 | 05:09 pm



公主谢宛谕因改签部头约, 20大女艺人她不合格, 榜上无名。令人意外的是, 姚懿珊也滑落20大, 七公主中, 仅陈靓瑄、欧萱、刘芷绚、白微秀和瑞恩保留住20大的名额。


陈泓宇: 顺其自然

08年尾到今年4月都一直在拍摄长寿剧《想握你的手》的他, 间中只拍了《过好年》和电视电影, 所以对于接下来和郑惠玉及瑞恩合作的《最火搭档》里, 一个“让人可怜的坏人”角色抱期待。

17) 瑞恩

Source: Wanbao, ChinaPress

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19 March 2010 | 12:43 pm






Source: Zaobao

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18 March 2010 | 06:16 pm

Vote NOW to show your support for Rui En!

Voting Mechanics:
To vote, please call 1900 – 112 – 2031.

The telepoll lines for the Top 10 Most Popular Male/Female Artistes will be opened from 18 March to 25 April, 9pm.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Each call costs $0.80
2. Each call is subject to 7% GST
3. Pre-paid card holders and overseas phone lines will not be able to vote
4. Callers aged 18 years and below must seek parental consent


请拨打电话 1900-112-2031 ,这 2031 就代表你要支持的艺人所属编号。

十大最受欢迎男女艺人- 投选热线从2010年3月18日起开放到4月25日晚上9时。

1. 每通电话新币 8 角
2. 每通电话需缴付 7% 消费税
3. 电话储值卡用户及海外电话用户将无法投票
4. 18 岁以下拨电者需征得家长同意

Source: Star Awards 2010 Microsite

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18 March 2010 | 03:39 pm

18 March 2010 卓燕翎报道







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18 March 2010 | 03:35 pm

18 March 2010 By Jamie Yap

There’re new additions and others have been snubbed. Check out whether your favourite stars made it to the top 40 most popular artistes for the upcoming Star Awards

It’s that time again when the local entertainment scene becomes a high school popularity contest.

The list of 40 nominees gunning for this year’s Star Awards’ Top 20 Most Popular Artistes has some new faces in (see IN) while some familiar names have been surprisingly dropped (see OUT) — or maybe not.

The nominees were chosen via a poll of around 1000 people (aged 7 and above).

Voting lines open today and will close at 9pm on 25 April. The final results will be announced on the second Star Awards night on 25 April at 7pm on Channel 8.

The Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes
Joanne Peh
Belinda Lee (IN)
Felicia Chin
Ann Kok (IN)
Hong Hui Fang
Kym Ng
Yvonne Lim
Jesseca Liu
Rui En
Michelle Chong
Jeanette Aw
Quan Yi Feng
Pan Ling Ling
Lin Mei Jiao
Priscelia Chan (IN)
Pei Xuan (IN)
Vivian Lai
Xiang Yun
Michelle Chia
Jin Yin Ji

The Star Awards 2010 will be telecast live on two Sundays, Apr 18 for the professional categories, and Apr 25 for the programme and performance categories. Both shows will air at 7pm on Ch 8.

Source: MediaCorp Buzz, Channelnewsasia

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17 March 2010 | 04:56 pm

After she’s done with being a cancer patient, the Queen will next become a mole.

The veteran actress is set to play an undercover cop in Channel 8 drama Lost & Found.

After The Ultimatum, Zoe had only been involved with performances on the Ren Ci charity show, and cooking variety 3 Plus 1, which will air tonight.

During the studio recording for the programme, hosted by Taiwanese presenter Zeng Guocheng, Zoe told us her new TV role is “one that straddles the good and evil.” She will play a food stall owner who uses her wide-reaching contacts to aid the police, opposite a headstrong cop played by Rui En.

Source: MediaCorp Buzz and Yahoo News

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17 March 2010 | 01:24 pm

Top 10 “Favourite Female Character” leading in the rankings as of 17 Mar are:

No. Character Name (Artiste Name)
角色 (艺人)
1 方宋乔(范文芳)
Fang Songqiao (Fann Wong)
The Ultimatum
2 黄丽萍 (陈靓瑄)
Huang Liping (Felicia Chin)
Baby Bonus
3 林佳乐(刘芷绚)
Lin Jiale (Jesseca Liu)
The Dream-catchers
4 林佳琪(瑞恩)
Lin Jiaqi (Rui En)
The Dream-catchers
5 孙敏(陈靓瑄)
Sun Min (Felicia Chin)
The Ultimatum
6 陶海桐(陈靓瑄)
Tao Haitong (Felicia Chin)
Love Blossoms II
7 吴晓莉 (郑荔分)
Wu Xiaoli (Michelle Tay)
Perfect Cut 2
8 姚剑虹(欧萱)
Yao Jianhong (Jeanette Aw)
9 叶予晨(郑惠玉)
Ye Yuchen (Zoe Tay)
The Ultimatum
10 张洛芸(瑞恩)
Zhang Luoyun (Rui En)
My School Daze

Source: BaguaTV

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