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20 December 2009 | 11:12 pm

上半年 陈汉玮 瑞恩 平分秋色

News Stand Pages 26-27



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14 December 2009 | 12:42 pm

Big news for people who really care about 瑞恩 Rui En! Quickly go grab the latest issue of i-Weekly (cover with Jeanette & Dai Yang Tian)! Rui En is becoming pregnant and the father of the child is a 40 years old man!

Enough of the tease since last night…hehe… It’s Rui En’s 2010 second breakthrough drama lead role! This time, she is offered a role usually given to more matured starlets like 郭淑贤 Ann Kok, 许美珍 Cynthia Koh and 林湘萍 Yvonne Lim. Ahem…should the 3 熟女 icons be very worried now that a princess is making a cross over into their 熟女 territory? Will this ‘trend’ spell the end of the reign of the 熟女stars?

Acting as a ’simple and cutesy’ gal in the new drama ‘过好年 Happy Family’ (debuts 19 January) is already a breakthrough for Rui En. Taking on the role of a mother (already with a kid running around) and pregnant with a second child is another big thing for Rui En! Who can imagine she is married to a 40 years old man 陈汉伟 Chen Han Wei (who dies in a freak accident and turning into a ghost) and romancing another 40 plus years old man 彭耀顺 Adrian Pang (ditching the usual pairing of more handsome and younger dude like 黄俊雄 Elvin Ng)?

It is a complete change of image for Rui En and one that is hard to visualise.

No risk, no gain, Rui En is taking a bold step out of her territory and take on the territory of Ann, Cynthia and Yvonne. Will Rui En succeed? Will Rui En kiss ‘goodbye’ to any more youthful looking lead roles now that she is ‘promoted’?

2010 marks the year we are diversifying into more genres and fresh drama casting. Watch out for more surprises to come…the above drama starring Rui En, Chen Han Wei and Adrian Pang is tentatively titled as ‘I’m With You’ and will debut in May 2010.

Source: BaguaTV

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14 December 2009 | 12:50 am


Oh Shoot,
8 DAYS Photographer Joel Low recounts his most memorable cover shoots and the interesting things that never made it to print… until now.

(Issue #982) “This swamp was somewhere out in Lim Chu Kang. The mud reached past my ankles because it had been raining heavily. The place literally smelled like sh*t but Rui En was very patient.”

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13 December 2009 | 10:20 pm






刚出道: 肉妹
二分之一缘分: 玉女
破茧而出: 酷妹
过好年: 傻妹
我在你左右: 熟女
下一步, 打女?

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13 December 2009 | 10:30 am

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10 December 2009 | 12:16 pm

Get your copy of this latest ComChest CD featuring 8 versions of the ComChest Theme Song – “Listen To Your Heart”, by Rui En.

RBKD would be having a private charity drive, under the authorisation of Community Chest.

You are welcomed to make your donation to the Community Chest with us. For per $10 donated, you would be given a complimentary copy of the latest Rui En ComChest CD 2009.

This CD would be officially released by ComChest in a later date. We welcome non-members and non-fans to make your donation with us too.

Private Charity Drive Details
Date: 26 December 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 1pm
Venue: Marina Square Subway Level 1
Person-in-Charge: Tan Bee Ping (RBKD Exco)

PS: If you require an official receipt from ComChest, please kindly leave us your contact and details. ComChest would send you the receipt at a later date, upon request.


Album Details:
1. Listen To Your Heart (Full Mix)
2. 关怀是阳光 (Full Mix)
3. Listen To Your Heart (Music with background vocals)
4. 关怀是阳光 (Music with background vocals)
5. Listen To Your Heart (Music only)
6. Listen To Your Heart (Remix)
7. 关怀是阳光 (Remix)
8. Listen To Your Heart (Music only remix)


Community Chest raises funds on a yearly basis to meet the needs of the social service programmes we help support. Community Chest ensures that fund-raising costs are kept to a minimum. As these costs are covered mainly by Tote Board and Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, every dollar raised by Community Chest will be made available to social service programmes under its care.

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